Outline of the project

The way to solve all social problems in the world is to create a Prout Village where there is no money. This 4km diameter Prout Village contains the method to solve all social problems.

The project of Prout Village is to build a sustainable society and to promote it. A sustainable society is one in which people live their daily lives within the limits of nature's regenerative capacity, minimize the use of resources, and further reuse those resources.

In order to achieve this, a model town should be created first. This will serve as a model, and we will support the construction of each region. In other words, the success of one small town will prove to be a success for all regions of the world.

The basic flow of this project is to live in Prout Village, transmit the results of the virtuous cycle created there to the outside world, and expand the harmony of people who support it.

The main goal of the project is to build Prout Villages all over the world and create a world of peace and harmony with nature. In order to achieve this goal, we will increase the number of supporters from the general public, and when we receive a request from a city that has more supporters, Prout Village will support the construction of the municipality. Cities and governments that no longer have the support of their citizens will not be able to function, and as a result, the country will have to change. This is also the case in other countries, and Japan, with its technological capabilities, will take the lead in supporting the people of the world by encouraging change from the citizens' side rather than changing the government.

What we do

Prout Village will proceed with the project in three major stages until the establishment of the World Federation.

Phase 1: Design (dome house, 3D printer, daily necessities, etc.)

Phase 2: Construction of local governments (domestic and international)

Phase 3: Establishment of the World Federation

The design procedure of the municipality is as follows at present.

・Determine the location of Prout Village, prioritizing the areas where rivers are nearby and water intake is possible.

・Looking at the site and using satellite imagery, determine the layout of the houses and plan how many houses can be built there.

・Determine the location of the multi-purpose facility that will be the center of the town.

・Determine the location of roads.

・Determine the location of the water intake and plan the water supply system under the road.

・Determine areas for plant and bamboo cultivation and cemeteries.

・Once the design is finalized, the residents will start building their houses.

・At the same time, a nomination election is held to select the leader of each department and the representatives of the General Affairs, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, and Design Departments.

・This is how Prout Village begins its operation.

In the second phase, groups and individuals who want to build their own municipalities will come to the first Prout Village and learn how to build their own municipalities in a few days. Trial classes are provided for this purpose. A fee will be charged here to continue the project.

In this second phase, we will be recruiting supporters to live with us in Prout Village, and we will also invite street dwellers in Japan to move in if they wish. It is estimated that there are about 4555 people living on the streets in Japan as of 2019. A single Prout Village can provide relief for all of Japan's street dwellers.

In addition, speed is the key to building around the world. Therefore, each country will have its own Prout Village as a temporary capital, and the people of that country will be responsible for the construction of that country. The first Prout Village in Japan will serve as the standard for building local governments in each country.

In the third and final stage, the World Federation will be established to govern the world, and regions where self-sufficient societies have not yet been established will be provided with information on how to establish such societies, and the people of the world will be connected through self-sufficient societies.

(1) Establish a world federation 

(2) Clarify the lines between states

(3) Construction of underground tunnels inside and outside the states.

(4) Continue to build local governments

The Way to Lose the War

In 2008, there were about 9,400 homicides by guns in the U.S., compared to 11 in Japan, but the population of the U.S. was about 2.4 times that of Japan. If there are weapons, there will inevitably be conflicts. This is also true for a country, and if you have bombs and fighter planes, there will always be war. Deterrence by military force, such as nuclear weapons, is only a temporary relief; in the medium to long term, tensions will continue to rise, equipment will be increased, and eventually something will trigger a war. The timing for disarmament will be when all the countries of the world have established Prout Villages, and each country will simultaneously burn their weapons into the electric furnaces of the local governments.

Most of the inhabitants of the countries at war do not want to go to war, and Prout Village will be a place for them to settle. It also becomes a place for refugees and immigrants. In this way, the number of people caught up in poverty, conflict, and war in various regions will gradually decrease. As people living in peaceful countries move to Prout Village, more and more people around the world will understand how to build peaceful societies and will have more time and energy to live. The atmosphere of the society will change in a positive direction. In the end, there will be dictators and politicians left to hang on to power, and the Prout Village will surround them. In the end, the dictators and politicians who cling to power remain, and the Prout Village surrounds them. However, the leaders of the country are encouraged to move to the Prout Village, and the problem is resolved peacefully through non-violence.

Eliminating poverty, slums and orphans around the world

A slum is an overcrowded urban area inhabited by the extremely poor, and almost every major city in the world has slums. Slums are characterized by overflowing garbage, high unemployment, and poverty, which tends to lead to high rates of crime, drugs, alcoholism, suicide, and human trafficking. The reason why these poor people are created is because they have little income, and the solution is to create a plut village in the area. A monetary society cannot solve this problem, and it is precisely because of a monetary society that poverty is created.

For orphans born of neglect or abuse, Prout Village will recruit families to take them in, or the entire municipality will raise them. Since Prout Village does not charge living expenses, it can accept orphans from young to old without worrying about living expenses.

About basic income and virtual currency

There is a lot of debate about the nature of money and human beings. For example, there is a basic income that provides 100,000 yen per month to all citizens unconditionally, and there is a virtual currency where all money is exchanged online.

The conclusion about these two ways of being is that while they are expected to be effective in certain areas, they are not the way to solve all social problems.

Basic income may help people living on the streets, but it will not eliminate environmental destruction. Virtual currency will not solve the garbage problem either. These two methodologies do not eliminate the problem because they are based on the framework of money.

About uncontacted tribes

It is estimated that there are more than 100 tribes around the world that live a primitive lifestyle, including uncontacted tribes living in the Amazon rainforest in South America. It is assumed that these people will not be forced to live in the Prout Village. In other words, no contact, no interference, and keep them as they are. At some point, we will have the opportunity to introduce them to Prout Village, and if they wish, we will build their local government.

Collecting trash floating in the ocean

The oceans around the world, including the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans, are known as the "garbage belt" because of the plastic bottles, plastic bags, and various other trash floating in the water. The plastic trash is transformed into fragments and particles called microplastics by the waves of ocean currents and ultraviolet rays. This plastic waste is thrown away as garbage in many countries, including Japan, and the plastic that does not decompose drifts into the Pacific Ocean and other oceans, where it becomes microscopic plastic waste that is eaten by fish along with plankton, which are in turn eaten by humans. In some countries, this plastic is also mixed with table salt. 

An inventor, Boyan Surat, has invented a way to collect these huge amounts of garbage floating in the ocean. Since most of the plastic garbage floats on the surface of the water, a stick-shaped "float" is used to collect the garbage carried by the ocean currents. The garbage naturally collects in the center of the V-shape. This does not harm marine life because it does not use nets.

In a monetary society, a large amount of plastic trash like this is constantly flowing into the ocean. The solution to this problem is to eliminate corporate plastic production by spreading money-free Prout Village in parallel with the Marine Debris Collection Project. However, citizens work for these companies and get paid for their work, which means that if citizens don't demonetize the society, the problem will not fundamentally disappear.

The collected plastic bottles and other plastics will be broken down by bacteria. The bacteria is named "Ideonella sakaiensis 201-F6" and was found at a recycling plant in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. It is said to be able to break down 0.2 mm thick PET into carbon dioxide and water in about one month. If Prout Village spreads and no new plastic waste is created, the world will be able to reduce the amount of plastic waste to zero even if it takes time.

In response to climate change and sea level rise

Building Prout Village means to return the natural environment of the earth to its original state as much as possible. Various factors are thought to be responsible for global climate change, but the negative effects of man-made factors, such as car exhaust and deforestation, can be solved by constructing a Prout Village.

In addition to climate change, global warming is causing the melting of ice in the Antarctic and Arctic regions, which in turn is causing the sea level to rise. Prout Village will be a place for the people living on these islands.

Furthermore, if we build Prout Villages all over the world, and environmental destruction is reduced to zero, and the sea level does not stop rising, the cause will be the activities of the earth and the universe. If this is the case, the only thing we can do is to move inland to live.


At the time of the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011, many people thought about what they could do, took action, and also felt helpless. The concrete action that Prout Village will encourage people to take is to move to Prout Village, which will have the most impact and lead to the solution of all social problems.