By the time children are old enough to remember, their parents or friends take them to various clubs in the neighborhood or multipurpose facilities. There, everyone, regardless of age, is engaged in whatever they want. If there is not a circle that interests them, they create their own. And as they "learn how to learn" and work according to their curiosity, they eventually encounter things that are at the level of their vocation and aptitude. Then your learning will become more independent. There are friends and seniors around you who can teach you. The core of this kind of life is the management and educational philosophy of Prout Village.

- Towards the inner world of human beings -

To maintain a peaceful mind, to let go of ego, attachment, and suffering.

- Towards the outer world of human beings -

Connect the earth with a Prout Village, where all residents are involved in the management of the municipality and give to each other for free. Learn how to learn. Maintain a society where there is no war, conflict, weapons, or money, where nature and animals are protected, and where civility is respected.

After the third year of discovering your vocation/chosen profession

After three years of working on your vocation, your skills and knowledge will be very high, and you will have developed your uniqueness to a level that others cannot easily imitate. At this point, they are often confident and have a certain level of mental satisfaction. Therefore, they feel that they want others to be happy as well as themselves, and they are often willing to serve.

After the 10th year of discovering your vocation and the right job

If you are able to continue your conscious efforts until the 10th year, your synapses have increased and reached a significant level due to the vast amount of repetition.  In this way, the more time we spend in pure activity and stillness, the more we improve our humanity. When we are habituated to a constant awareness of stillness, we have more time to stop suffering from thoughts and fulfill our inner purpose in life. This is the flow of life, and it continues until the moment life ends.