When you are able to achieve results in the things you are working on, and when you are successful, you will be noticed, people around you will praise you, people around you will listen to your opinions, and you will feel rewarded and confident.

The experience of great success is also an experience that allows you to learn about the process of success, which is a great asset in life and gives you confidence. If you have already had a successful experience, you will be more likely to achieve results when you work on something else. This is because you will have the confidence that you can do it, and you will be able to visualize the process of success as it applies to your new endeavor.

However, even if you have experienced great success, you will not feel the goal of your life. There are only many elements that make us feel cheerful, but they do not reduce our suffering to zero. However, there is an experience that lets you know that there is no goal in life from that success experience. Then the next thought is, what is the purpose of life then? The answer lies in the stillness that lies between the extremes of happiness and suffering, as I mentioned earlier. There is a state of serenity where nothing holds you back from attachment and suffering.