The way to solve all social problems in the world is to create a Prout Village where there is no money. This 4km diameter Prout Village contains the method to solve all social problems.

The project of Prout Village is to build a sustainable society and to promote it. A sustainable society is one in which people live their daily lives within the limits of nature's regenerative capacity, minimize the use of resources, and further reuse those resources.

In order to achieve this, a model town should be created first. This will serve as a model, and we will support the construction of each region. In other words, the success of one small town will prove to be a success for all regions of the world.

The basic flow of this project is to live in Prout Village, transmit the results of the virtuous cycle created there to the outside world, and expand the harmony of people who support it.

The main goal of the project is to build Prout Villages all over the world and create a world of peace and harmony with nature. In order to achieve this goal, we will increase the number of supporters from the general public, and when we receive a request from a city that has more supporters, Prout Village will support the construction of the municipality. Cities and governments that no longer have the support of their citizens will not be able to function, and as a result, the country will have to change. This is also the case in other countries, and Japan, with its technological capabilities, will take the lead in supporting the people of the world by encouraging change from the citizens' side rather than changing the government.