Indo-European languages include English, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, French, Italian, Urdu, Persian, Ukrainian, and Latin. The map below shows the distribution of Indo-European languages.

For example, the etymology of Panic is the Greek mythological god Pan. Pan was allegedly unpopular and suddenly caused confusion and horror. His father is also known as Zeus and Hermes, both of which represent Emptiness.

There was no Roman mythological Jupiter, but his wife, Juno, is also known as Juno Moneta. Moneta is derived from the Latin word monere, which means "advice", and is the etymology of English money (Money). Jupiter is also called Jupiter in English, but it also comes from Jupiter. Janus, the god of the beginning of things in Roman mythology and the guardian deity of January, is the origin of January (January = month of Janus).

There are many examples in which the names of these gods are the etymology, and since they were the existences that represented Emptiness, the names of those gods also represent Emptiness.