If a 4km circle (flower of life) can be arranged, it will be, but in mountainous areas, the terrain is complicated. Even in such cases, build a multipurpose facility in the center first, and then place houses in a circle as much as possible. If the area is so narrow that only one house can be built, the houses may be arranged in a straight line. In this case, the distance between houses should be at least 4 meters.

First, build a multipurpose facility in the center of the municipality. (See the figure on the right)

Fill in the gaps by arranging the houses in a circle with a diameter of 4km, 1333m, 444m, 148m, 49m (6 houses), and 16m (1 house) in order according to the topography. (Right diagram)

Do not build houses along the Fat River, but build them a few dozen meters away from the riverbank, based on past flood data. (The figure on the left shows that the river and houses may be close to each other.)

In consideration of landslides and slope collapses, build houses farther away from the riverbank than the predicted location of landslides and slope collapses. (In the figure on the left, there is a possibility that the distance between the slope and houses is too close.)

If torrential rain continues for two days, the narrow space between the mountain slopes will be flooded with muddy water. (If there is a river on the slope of the mountain shown on the left, the risk is high.)