Read a lot of books in a short period of time. Reading a lot of books in a short period of time will increase the processing power of your brain and make you think faster.

Just keep thinking. Just working on what you like is the key to long-term persistence.

In ball games, two or more defenders should go for an attacking player who has the ball. In a normal game, an attacker is marked by one person, so it takes more than two people to think fast and make decisions, which in turn makes it easier to anticipate.

In soccer, for example, if you have a one-touch rule in a red-and-white match, you can't pass the ball without anticipating what will happen next, so anticipation becomes a habit. Another example is a red-and-white game where players wearing bibs of four or more colors are divided into two teams, with no passing to the same color, no return passes, and a sudden change from a blue-and-red team to a blue-and-green team with a single word from the coach during the game. All of this puts a strain on your mental grasp and speed of decision making.

Perform two or more actions at the same time. For example, running while playing with your hands or juggling, taking a quiz, or doing another task with your feet.

To overload the brain, do not do one thing, but two or more elements at the same time. This increases the brain's thinking speed, tolerance, and decision making speed. The higher this brain's ability to anticipate, the better the results. In both individuals and organizations, leagues and hierarchies are determined according to ability, and the higher the ability to anticipate, the higher the class of person. If the two opponents have the same level of foresight, then other factors such as physical ability will make the difference.

If you have good foresight and drive, you will be able to achieve results, but if you also have civility (politeness and moderation), you will be the best. Everyone likes a person who is friendly, considerate, can greet and thank others, and can cooperate with others for the good of the team. People who lack civility will be disliked by others and will have fewer opportunities. If you have the ability, you can still get results, but you will miss out on many good opportunities. When a person with civility is the leader, a circle of good relationships is created within the group, and a group of people who respect each other is created. If a person who is good at his job but lacks civility becomes the leader, the group will be uncomfortable and the spirit of mutual help will be weak.