The Mesopotamian mythical monster Zoo or Anzu is represented by the head of a lion and the body of an eagle. Both the lion and the eagle are symbols. This is considered to be the beast of Enlil in Sumerian mythology.

The legendary creature Griffon is similar to Anzu, and has a common symbol with the upper body and wings of an eagle and the lower body of a lion.

The hippogriff, which was born between a griffon and a mare, has an eagle in front of its body and a horse in the back.

The hippogriff-like animal whose legs are horses is the giraffe of Chinese mythology. It is 5m tall, has a face similar to a dragon, and has a cow's tail and a horse's hoof.

The conclusion was that the Chinese dragon is a symbol of EmptinessKirin is equated with the Chinese yellow dragon. In other words, Emptiness = dragon = Kirin. Two lion statues are placed in the Forbidden City in China, but two giraffes are also placed in the Forbidden City. In other words, neither the lion statue nor the kirin represent Emptiness.

In this way, Anzu, Griffon, Hippogriff, and Kirin are not only similar in appearance, but they are also symbols of Emptiness.