The Ainu Y-chromosome haplogroup D1a2a occupies the majority and occurs around 40,000 BC.The following sentence is a folklore about the Ainu people's Tenchikaibyaku in southern Hokkaido.
"Once upon a time, when there was no country or land in this world, something like floating oil in the blue sea was created, and it stood like a fire, like a flame. It rose and became empty. And the muddy thing that that The island became a large solidified island for a long time, but among them, it felt moody. A pillar of god (Kamui) was born. On the other hand, a pillar of god. was born from the clear and bright sky that rose like a flame, and that god rode on the five-colored clouds and was on the ground. Many gods, vegetation, birds, beasts, fish, insects, and humans are made from it. "

In other words, this creation myth also has a common pattern with the myths of other countries, and here "Emptiness" is expressed as when there is EmptinessAnd the god Kamui also represents Emptiness.