The royal era of the ancient Roman Empire begins. It is said that the seven legendary kings, beginning with Romulus, ruled.

This first king, Romulus, is also a symbol of EmptinessThe reason is in the story of the baby era. Romulus was born to his mother Silvia and the war god Mars as twin children. But his uncle Amulius orders the soldiers to kill the However, the soldiers pity the young twins and put them in a basket and secretly flush them into the river. The spirit of the Tiberinus , Tiberinus, rescues the twins flowing through the river and entrusts them to a Eventually, the shepherd Faustulus found the twins and decided to consult with his wife Acca Larentia to take them over. His wife, Acca Larentia, was the goddess Ceres.
The story of putting it in a basket and letting it flow into the river during this babyhood can be seen in other myths. For example, Moses in the Old Testament, Zeus in Greek mythology and Perseus, the son of Danaë, and Hata no Kawakatsu in Japanese mythology, who was told that the first emperor was reborn. These will be described later.