・VOCALS : Vocaloid ・MUSIC & LYRICS : Hiloyuki Kubota ・ILLUSTRATION : Midjourney 歌詞: Numerous shining stars are spread out in space. All stars live in light and shadow. A world of extremes. Meteorites collide and the flashes of light that pop up are dazzling. Sirius is looking forward to the beginning of a new dance in this space. Like a girl living alone in a world where darkness reigns. She loved to watch the stars collide and their bright flashes. The light gradually mingles with other lights. Then she is awestruck by the sight as she begins to dance. Art drawn in outer space. I have a feeling that a new light extravaganza involving Sirius will be starting soon. We all wondered how many tens of thousands of years it would be before we would see that event again. Sparkling particles of light bounce off each other in space. A world like a dream. Now, let's deliver the wishes that lie deep in our hearts with this light. It's a sight I want to keep seeing, like the view I saw in my dream. The planets also started out as atoms and gradually grew over time. That brilliance of Sirius illuminating the orbits of the planets takes my heart away. It’s a beauty like a revelation that makes everything go in the right direction. Flashes fill the space. (A bright flash.) Unleash and let go of your mind without resistance. The brilliance of Sirius illuminating the orbits of the planets takes my heart away. It’s truly majestic and powerful, and everything else seems to fade away. The light of Sirius guides us through time and across space. As if by magic, the stars increase their beautiful radiance and enhance each other. Particles of light from beyond reach the earth. In this way, the universe repeats its conversation. Will there come a time when light will envelop the universe and all life will cease to exist? It begins and ends with light. That seems to be the fate of this celestial body.