Assyrian guardian god Ramassos, circa 710 BC, wears a triple crown.

The triple crown was also seen in Mesopotamia as a common symbol.

In Persepolis, Iran, two triple-crowned Ramassos stand at the entrance.

The guardian dogs of the shrine, Shisa of Okinawa, Haitai of South Korea, and the lion statue of the Forbidden City in China can also be seen as a pair.
There are also two lion statues on Mount Nemrut in Turkey. The gods include Zeus-Oromazdes (the god Zeus and Ahura Mazda were identified with), Apollo-Mitras, Heracles, and Tuche.
In the Greek Mycenaean civilization around 1450 BC, you can also see a lion gate with two lions and a masonry with a notch.
A lion statue of Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka, an island country in the southeastern part of India.
Borobudur Temple on Java Island, Indonesia. A lion statue and a masonry with a notch.
A lion statue at Preah Vihear Temple near the border between Cambodia and Thailand.
A lion statue of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.