People who achieve results in the competitive world, such as organizational leaders, managers, and athletes, have one thing in common. This is the ability to "anticipate" and "promote". For example, there is a manager who anticipates that "this product will be the mainstream of the times to come. Then, they need to have the ability to act and drive to create that product, give it shape, and gather the necessary human resources to make it happen. In the case of athletes, for example, two boxers in a boxing match are constantly shaking their upper bodies, jabbing, and playing games. In other words, they are trying to anticipate their next move. They apply pressure (propulsion) and aim for a heavy blow to the stomach or chin. A soccer player who dribbles is said to be good at dribbling, but just like in boxing, before he dribbles, he has to sway his upper body and feint in order to find an opening. In other words, they anticipate the situation before making a move. The same is true for defenders, who anticipate the opponent's dribble and go for it. A defender who is fast but loses in anticipation will be overtaken. Defenders who are slow but can anticipate and win will win the ball. This principle is the same in other sports. Sports coaches also predict the opponents of the league they are participating in, the content of their practices and their effects, and incorporate this information into their practices for the players to implement. In other words, they anticipate and promote (execute).

Almost all individuals and organizations that produce results win by anticipating, and at the same time have the ability to promote (execute). Those who are quick-witted have an advantage in foresight, and thus have more time to spare, are blessed with intuition, and are able to come up with ideas that lead to victory in games and dominate the game. On the other hand, those who don't have the luxury of time will feel lost and anxious, unable to be intuitive and see no way to break through. One way to improve your ability to anticipate is to gain success and knowledge. Another way is to put more stress on your brain through training. The following are some examples of stressing the mind.