The conclusion is that the beliefs of the Voodoo and Fula peoples of West Africa, the Dogon people of the Republic of Mali, and the Kuba people of Central Africa also worship Emptiness because of the commonalities of the two snakes, the rainbow serpent, and the creation myth., There are many other tribes in Africa, each of which has creation myths and names of creation gods, and finds similarities and similarities.

● West African Benin
Snake Goddess Danbara Wade is her husband, and his wife is the rainbow serpent goddess Aida Wed. These two snakes are depicted as symbols of voodoo.

● In the Fula mythology distributed in West Africa such as Nigeria, "Emptiness" is a huge drop of milk. At the beginning, there was Emptiness but a huge drop of milk. Then the Creator Dundari came and created the stone.

● The Dogon creation myth of the Republic of Mali . In the world of the beginning, there was not even the universe, only Amma, the creator of heaven. Amma creates the universe from words and creates the sun and the moon. He also creates the first life maggot, maggot, which lays the "world egg" of the primordial womb.

There is also a myth with a snake as a god, and a
 common symbol can be seen .
When the Dogons opened the tomb of the god Lebe, they found a snake. I was convinced that it was level as the snakes followed their journey.

● Central African Kuba
creation myth. At the beginning of the world, there was only water. There, the giant Creator Bumba vomited and spit out the sun, moon, and stars. These produced light, generated heat in the world, and dried the water.

● Masai from southern Kenya to northern Tanzania The Masai were
born in Africa 270,000 years ago.


In folklore, the sky god Enkai was the creator of everything and lived in heaven and on earth. From the Masai people, the volcanoes Ol Doinyo (mountain) and Rengai (god) in northern Tanzania are said to be the mountains of God.

● Kikuyu,
Kenya A monotheistic religion dedicated to the god Ngai, who sits on the top of Mt. Kenya. The god Ngai is called Enkai by the Masai people.

Mount Kenya has a tradition that the god Ngai sits on the summit.

● When the Yoruba Creator of Nigeria
created the world, the beginning of the world was only the sea (Ocron, the sea god), where the Creator sent out a bird with a medicinal herb called hula. The bird put the soil on the sea god Ocron to make it the earth. When a five-fingered chicken was placed there, the chicken scratched the soil and spread the ground, creating the island of Ife, from which the land as it is now was created.

In another lore, at the beginning of the world, there was only the first sea Olokun on the ground, and the sky was dominated by the Supreme God Olokun. There Olorun descended from heaven and met with the sea, giving birth to the brothers Obahara and Odudua. Odudua builds the earth. Obahara made humans out of clay, but he drank alcohol and fell asleep on the way. The humans created by Obahara are the Igbo, and the humans created by Odudua are the Yoruba.

Ororun is omnipotent and supreme. This god of the heavens is the one who sees the heart, "the one who sees the inside and outside of human beings." No one has ever seen this "king that cannot be found by searching".

Another folklore is Ogun. Ogun was originally a hunter who came down with a spider's thread into a rugged swamp that existed before the earth was formed.

● Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire Akan and Ashanti
Creators Nyame (Nyame) and Nyame 
are omnipotent and omnipotent empty fathers. There are several other names of the gods who created the universe. Odmancoma, Oboadi, Anase Kokuroku (great designer, or great spider) ) and more. Also

● Igbos in the lower reaches of the Niger River in West Africa The ancestors of
the Igbo kings came down from heaven, but the land was covered with water. the Creator ordered the blacksmith to use a bellows to dry the water.

● Kagun (Kaang, Kagen), the sun god, the San people creator god who lives in the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa, also created the moon. Heitzi Aviv is a cultural hero in the San religion, a god of death and rebirth, and revives many times. Tsui Goab is the god of the sky and the god of thunder. 
At the time of the great storm, Kaang is regarded as the "god of rain, storm and breath" and the invisible spirit in the natural phenomenon. Kaang's daughter married the snake, and since then the snake has been called the Kaang people.

In addition to these, many tribes in Africa have stories of the Creator and Supreme God.

● West Africa

The Akan people in Ghana see this god as "the one who knows and sees everything".

The Yoruba people of Nigeria claim that Emptiness can be hidden from the eyes of God. 
For God's eyes can see "both inside and outside humans."

The supreme deity of the warts of Nigeria is Chuk. Chuk is the "first great cause" and the "creator" of Cineke. Igbos, like their neighbors in West Africa, want to calm their ancestors and other spirits.

The hero of the founding of Nupe culture is Zoede.

In Liberia, the creator god Sno Nisoa.

In the Dahomey Kingdom in Benin, the creator god Mau Lisa.

The Creator of the Bammu people in Cameroon is Njinui. He was described as "everywhere" and created humans as healthy and strong.

The supreme god of the Akan people is Nyame. He is called "the one who knows everything and sees everything" and "the builder of creation".

The Supreme God of the Dogon is Amma, who is believed to have created the cosmic egg.

● East Africa

According to the Gandas of Uganda, God's "great eyes" have a constant gaze everywhere, every time 
The eyes never blink.

Asa ( father ) in Kenyan Akamba people .

Welle, the supreme god of the Abalyans in Kenya.

In the Masai people, the sky god Enkai. He is the creator of everything.

Madagascar's supreme god Zanahari created the earth.

The Shilluk god in the uppermost part of the Nile is Juok. The god Juoku, who has many aspects, is everywhere.

The Arles god of Uganda and Zaire is Jok. The Arles believe that the world is filled with the spirit Dujok, and that their ancestors are transformed into serpents and large rocks.

● Southern Africa

The Zulu are the wisest Ukiri.

Another Zulu creator is Unkrunkle. The Zulu describe him as Uziverele, "the one who is himself" and "he who became an existence gave existence to humans."

The Khoekhoe god is Utixo. He is a benevolent god who lives in the sky, rains for grain, and speaks in the voice of thunder.

The Tongan god Tiro of Zambia and Malawi is said to be the Creator, the Permanent, the Almighty, and the Undying. He is also a terrifying presence in the whirlpool of nature.

In Zimbabwe's Makonians, Maori, the god of the sky. Maori created Mwezi, the primordial human being and the moon. Later, he created the maiden and the morning star, Venus. Mwezi gave birth to a lion, leopard, snake, and scorpion Nzambi , the Bakongo god of Angola, knows everything omnipotently. "He is not made by anyone, and no one is beyond him." "Correct and benevolent," the ruler and maintainer of the universe, the source of good. It is also expressed as "human beings are human beings of God."

Karumba, the creator god of the Luba people in Zaire, Central Africa.

In the pygmy tribe, the supreme spirit, shapeless and eternal combum. The creator god of the Lele people is Njambi. It is the source of all good things.

Imana is the founder and maintainer of the Rwandan cosmic order. Imana "only knows everything." Imana is said to be Hategekimana "the only ruler", Hashakimana "planner", Bigirimana "owner of all things", and Imana a distant source of all gifts.


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