The screen for entering personal information on the World Federation website will be in the same format as the rest of the world. When personal information is updated, the figures for municipalities, states and the World Federation will be updated automatically.

Personal information input items include date of birth, blood type, place of birth, family structure, childbirth, relocation, medical history, 3D printer usage history, and whether or not the person has illegally dumped household items.

There will also be a distinction between those that do not keep a history and those that do. Criminal history should not be recorded because the person may correct himself/herself. The amount of products that can be produced by the 3D printer will be determined by dividing the amount of local resources by the number of residents. The amount of products that can be produced by the 3D printer is allocated from the amount of local resources divided by the number of residents, and if you need more than that, you can ask others to share it with you. The system will also display a message to come every six months for a dental checkup and once a year for a physical checkup, and keep a health record. Residents will be able to log in to their personal information with a fingerprint or by holding up their eyes.