Mogao Caves in China is a group of about 600 caves. It was dug on a cliff for 1600m north and south, and is said to have begun to be built in 355. About 2,400 Buddha statues are enshrined in it. There is a huge stone The conclusion was that this also represents Emptiness. The Buddha statue in Longmen Grottoes on the lower left is called Birushanabutsu, which is the same as the Great Buddha in Nara . statue in Yungang Grottoes.

Yungang Grottoes is a Tathagata statue, and the symbol of the halo can be seen behind the heads of the two statues. Symbolic poses that show the palm of a small statue can also be seen in Tanit reliefs, Buddha reliefs, and Shiva in India.

A hand symbol can also be seen in the upper left of the Syrian cylinder seal around 1800 BC.

(Ancient Orient Museum Collection)