If we use the efforts of people who have found their vocation or the right job as a guide, it becomes easier to understand how much awareness we need to work with every day to produce the best quality. It can be said that a person who is highly conscious is always thinking, pure and dedicated, blessed with intuition, deep concentration and its persistence, observation, and execution.

The life of a person who has found his vocation or the right job is often regular and self-disciplined. In the eyes of others, they may be seen as hardworking, but in their own eyes, they find it rewarding because it leads to better results and growth. In other words, it is not an effort, but rather a natural, voluntary, and positive approach that makes life fulfilling. I live for it from morning to night, and even during breaks, it is in the forefront of my mind, and all my plans are determined around it.

In other words, you can tell if what you're working on will eventually evolve into the best thing by observing how you're working on it. If you spend most of your time today on things that interest you voluntarily, if you work on them with purpose, if you feel that you have made some progress since yesterday, then in three years you will be a person with your own unique expression. If you have already been doing this for three years, you will be a competent person.

Let's think about these differences in awareness levels using an example from the workplace. For example, part-time workers have a lower level of awareness than employees. Since the main purpose of a part-time job is to earn money rather than to do the job itself, the time spent on the job is limited to a few hours a day. Therefore, they spend only a few hours a day on the job, and almost no time thinking about it outside of work. Unlike part-time workers, employees spend most of their day at work. However, in many cases, employees also work to earn their living expenses, and their working hours are determined by the company, so they are not necessarily self-motivated. The people who are in a higher position than the employees, such as their bosses, often have a higher sense of commitment than the employees. Therefore, they have the ability to concentrate and observe, and they are able to pay attention to the details that employees do not notice. In addition, presidents and founders often have a vocation or a suitable job, and devote their entire lives to their work. They think about their work during breaks, when they get home, and on holidays, and enjoy working more than resting. These are just a few examples, but of course there are also part-time workers and employees who have a vocation or the right job.

In a monetary society, the number of people who find their vocation or the right job is very small, and the overall level of awareness is low. It becomes difficult for people with different levels of awareness to work in the same group because their concentration, conversation, and use of time are different. These differences in consciousness levels are caused by whether or not what you are working on is right for you, so if it is not right for you, you will be less conscious, and if it is your calling, you will naturally be more conscious. This can be seen in school life as well. A student who is able to study well is only because the school has decided on a subject that suits him/her, and a student who scores low on a test does not mean that he/she is stupid, it just means that the subject does not suit him/her. A student with a low test score is not stupid, it's just that the subject is not suitable for him/her. A student with a low test score may have a good score in art, or a good score in physical education. And students who don't excel in any subject at school will develop a sense of inferiority and incompetence over the course of their long school life, and a non-assertive attitude will become habitual.

If everyone does what is right for them, they will become more conscious, full of energy, and able to excel in their field. Human beings can only produce quality results in their conscious efforts. In other words, if you want to get good results from your activities, you need to work on your vocation and aptitude, and in many cases, the clues are hidden in the areas you are working on as a hobby.