The Eye of Horus, the eagle, and Uraeus of the snake were common symbols, but the following Egyptian ornaments also have a golden ratio vortex pattern.

The golden ratio curve can also be seen in nature.

This golden ratio curve and vortex pattern have been seen in the relics of each country since about 10,000 BC. In Verneukpan, Africa, there is a vortex-shaped geoglyph with a diameter of 175 m.
5 Verneukpan in the Kalahari Desert, South Africa

2_Around 10,000 BC_Göbeklitepe, Turkey
3 Waterway of Paredones ruins on the outskirts of Nazca, Peru

9 San Bartolo, the ritual center of the Maya civilization

14b Japanese Jomon pottery and Jomon clay figurines

A vortex pattern of the golden ratio of Jomon Venus excavated from Nagano Prefecture.

Jomon Venus

Jomon Venus profile up
20 Chinese bronze ware