The fact that the golden ratio can be seen from small things like plants to huge things like galaxies suggests that the end of the universe, which humans have never been to, may be designed with the golden ratio and vortex pattern. Come on. The spiral vortex of the golden ratio continues forever, even if it expands or contracts, and there is no beginning or end. In other words, it represents the same truth as "Emptiness" The golden ratio and the vortex pattern are combinations that form the universe and represent universal truth. Also, this vast universe is not a coincidence, but is created in an orderly manner.

Before the universe was born, as seen in creation myths, God was born from Emptiness, and the universe was created by the Big Bang. And in fact, the golden ratio can be seen in this universe, from galaxies to plants to ancient excavations. In other words, it can be seen that it is consciousness "Emptiness" that designed and designed all of this universe.

And there is a possibility that the golden ratio can be seen in the shape of the universe itself. A donut shape (annular surface "enkanmen") can be considered as the shape of the universe. Looking at this from directly above, the flow rises in a vortex pattern of the golden ratio.

The reason is as follows. First, when the typhoon was seen from directly above, the vortex had a golden ratio.

When the typhoon is viewed from the side, the wind swirls from below and rises in the central part, forming a donut shape that spreads outward at the top.


The magnetic field generated on the earth, Jupiter, the sun, etc. shows the same flow as a typhoon. This is also a donut type.

Just as a magnet always has a pair of north and south poles , the earth, which is a huge magnet, also has two magnetic poles. This magnetic field flow can also be seen in magnets and iron sand.

The author of the ancient Chinese I Ching is said to be Fuxi, where two snakes can be seen, where the two elements of yin and yang originated from Taiji, the source of all things. Yin and yang are positive and negative, plus and minus In other words, the donut shape is form that holds because there are two poles, and the universe was born in the donut shape at the moment of the Big Bang.

And all matter in this universe, such as water, oxygen, iron, calcium, humans, and the earth, is made up of small particles called atoms that cannot be further divided Atoms are made up of positively charged nuclei and negatively charged electrons. Outer space is not in a perfect vacuum state, but a small amount of dilute matter called interstellar medium floats throughout. For example, interstellar gas mainly composed of hydrogen and helium floating in outer space. These are also made of atoms. In other words, the universe overflowing with the atoms is also made up of positive and negative charges.

The plus red and green circles in the middle are the nuclei. The minus yellow circle around it is an electron. The figure on the right is a model of a helium atom. The electrons are drawn in the shape of a black cloud.

In this way, all matter in the universe is made up of atoms with positive and negative charges, and is also designed with a common design of donut shape and golden ratio vortex pattern. For this reason, the conclusion is that the universe itself is also donut-shaped.

Then, if you go in the same direction in the universe, it will not happen if you hit a donut-shaped wall someday. The golden ratio draws a vortex pattern that has no beginning or end, but it is the same truth as "Emptiness". Just as the flow of a typhoon or the earth's magnetic field circulates in a donut shape and has no beginning or end, there is no end in the universe, the space is curved, and even if it goes straight, the space gradually bends. It goes around along (Wankyoku).

The north and south poles circulate without stopping. In Buddhist terminology, all beings in this world (everything in the world) are constantly changing in appearance and essence, and even for a moment, their existence can maintain their identity. It means something that cannot be done. In addition, the fact that the prosperous person is inevitable means that the world is impermanent, and even those who have prosperous momentum will eventually decline and perish. The reason why everything flows without stopping is that this universe is made up of N poles and S poles, yin and yang, positive and negative, plus and minus, and it goes around without stopping the two poles, which is the truth of this universe. There is.

And since everything in the universe moves back and forth between the north and south poles, the galaxy and solar system themselves are moving in the universe in a donut-shaped flow.

This donut shape is also found in the cross sections of fruits and vegetables, and has evolved along the common design of the universe.

And the fact that humans and living things have men and women, males and females, and that they are divided into left and right hands, such as the right hand and the left hand, are represented by two polarities. And the whorls on the top of the head are swirling, which is also a common design of the universe.