Sculptures of handbags can be seen on the stone pillars of Gobeklitepe. The same thing was found in Iran's Jiroft culture around 3000 BC.

Stone handbags have been excavated from Jiroft culture. Two snakes were seen there.

An eagle sculpture can be seen in the lower left corner of the Gobeklitepe stone pillar handbag, and a scorpion can also be seen below it.

A handbag with scorpions and eagles of Jiroft culture.

On another stone pillar, you can also see a sculpture of one snake and two snakes. In other words, all the pictures carved on this stone pillar can be seen as symbols. It is also believed that there was religion and religion.


The long-legged bird at the bottom of this stone pillar looks like a crested ibis (the image on the left is the African sacred ibis). Similar birds can also be seen small on the top left handbag.

An H-shaped symbol can also be seen in the lower right corner of the upper right handbag.

This H-shaped pattern can also be seen on other stone pillars, and may be engraved with a snake carving.

There are also zigzag symbols on the top and bottom of the stone pillar handbag, which are also symbols that can be seen in various places.

A symbol of a wild boar with fangs can be seen on a different stone pillar, and the same stone statue has been found.

A long tail lizard is engraved on the upper right of the handbag on the right end of the stone pillar. Lizards can also be seen in the hands of Sabagios.

Animals like dogs can also be seen next to the stone pillars.

You can also see some sculptures that look like a dog seen from the side.