In China's Yin-Yang idea, it is said that the Yin-Yang became the heaven and the Yin-Yang became the earth from the chaos of the beginning. In Genesis of the Old Testament of Christianity, God first created heaven and earth. It is heaven and earth, light and darkness, joy and suffering, N pole and S pole. Every human being has more or less desires, is obsessed with things, is happy to get something, and experiences suffering on the contrary. It was a story that he couldn't shake either of them, and when he became indifferent and separated from his desires, his suffering disappeared and he was conscious, and when it became established, he was released.In other words, it is a kind of experience game and experience. In order for Emptiness to experience one's own Emptiness, it is said that one's own Emptiness can be experienced by making a finite thing opposite to Emptiness and attaching it to it, which causes pleasure and suffering, and by experiencing these through human activities. Structure.
 However, this understanding is a thought-based understanding, not an innocent consciousness, but it is happening for no reason. In other words, there is no meaning in the universe, To put it simply, when you're indifferent, you can't understand anything because you don't have any thoughts, and you can't have a purpose. Purpose and understanding arises from thinking.

As we have seen so far, the religion of each place expresses the consciousness that is Emptiness, and that Emptiness is the human consciousness, which is the only thing that existed before the birth of the universe. individual, but everything is connected. Eventually all life returns to this consciousness.