The human body contains about 37 trillion cells, each of which contains DNA in the form of a double helix. Genes are about 2% of this DNA, which contains the blueprints for internal organs, eyes, and other parts of the body. The other 98% of DNA, which is considered to have no blueprint, has been analyzed with improved technology. This contains all kinds of information, including physical characteristics, personality, talents, and causes of diseases. Genetic editing, which involves cutting, replacing, or correcting specific places in the DNA through artificial intelligence DNA analysis, will be used to treat diseases. It is predicted that this will bring humanity closer to a world without diseases and extend life expectancy. Designer babies are also being considered, in which the fertilized egg is genetically engineered to have the appearance, strength, and intelligence desired by the parents. This technology is controversial, with both pros and cons.

Gene editing, just like artificial intelligence, is neither good nor bad in itself, but is just one technology. Like a kitchen knife, it can be good or bad depending on the mind of the person using it. And since the main goal of human life is to overcome the ego, gene editing has nothing to do with overcoming the ego. The only thing that matters is to maintain stillness in this moment and to eliminate attachment.

However, not all of us are interested in and capable of working on stillness right now. Gene editing cannot be banned, and even partial bans are difficult to draw the line. Therefore, at Prout Village, the following is the answer.

If the negative effects are limited to the individual, then the individual should be free to decide. However, if the negative effects will be felt by the people around them and their offspring, it is necessary to discuss the issue first.

In order to do so, we need to learn the good and bad points of gene editing by compiling the later stories of those who have experienced it at Prout Village.

The discord and suffering that follows gene editing can be a good opportunity to become stillness if you look at it from a different perspective.

The suffering that occurs in life is not an enemy, but a good opportunity to realize the importance of stillness. The roots of all suffering in life can only be removed by becoming stillness. You may be cured of an illness, or blessed with abilities and good looks, and have pleasant experiences, but as long as there are thoughts that come from the ego, there will still be suffering in other areas. People can also be satisfied by following their curiosity and experiencing the inexperienced, increasing their knowledge, improving their spirit, and becoming less attached to it. And we all die sooner or later. If we do not cause trouble to those around us, the rest is our own responsibility.