Emperor Kanmu makes Heiankyo in Kyoto the capital of Japan. The capital of Japan until the Meiji government moved to Tokyo in 1869. There are also Suzaku Avenue and Suzakumon here.

In Heiankyo, like Heijokyo, there is a golden ratio onigawara in the back of Ouchi called Heiankyu.

A statue of a unicorn and a unicorn at Seiryoden Hall in the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

The Kyoto Imperial Palace is the place where successive emperors lived and performed ceremonies and public affairs from 1392 to 1869.

The Kyoto Imperial Palace is located in the Kyoto Imperial Palace. The site of this Kyoto Gyoen is the size of three golden ratios. Some roads are also determined by the ratio of the golden ratio. The center line of the Gosho is also located on the golden ratio line.