If a resident wants to build a baseball field in the municipality, if one is accepted, there will be someone who wants to build a soccer court. Then there are those who want to build a golf course, and then there are those who want to build a basketball court. Then there are those who want to build a golf course. There are other complaints. There are also proposals to build a large-scale research facility because it is needed. The first thing that is important is to have common priorities around the world.

(1) Humans have the responsibility to maintain nature on earth as close to 100% as possible. If the natural environment is maintained at 80% or 50%, the ecosystem will change, which will affect the weather, which in turn will have a negative impact on humans.

Therefore, the basic idea is to allow a certain amount of freedom in the construction of plazas with multipurpose facilities, and to reduce the destruction of nature to zero in other areas. If it is necessary to build a lot of facilities, consider building them underground. Underground, the load on the natural environment will be lower than above ground. The next step is to take measures to prevent the ground from sinking. Another basic rule is to avoid building facilities that are higher than the surrounding trees.

If the facilities are too large to be built underground, we should discuss with several neighboring municipalities, make a list of all the required facilities, and consider which facilities should be built in which municipalities in different locations. In doing so, we must also consider how to respond to the assumption that if we build one, there will be calls for more facilities to be built in the future. If there is a request to build a large sports facility on the ground, for example, a golf course, soccer court, or baseball field will require a large area. If one municipality allows it, many trees will be cut down all over the world. The responsibility for all these decisions lies with the chief.

(2) Activities on a scale that makes residents feel that they are in danger of death. It is predicted that there will be requests to fly rockets and satellites, as well as requests for huge scientific experiments. When the impact of such activities is so great that it makes residents feel that there is a possibility of death, there are many things that cannot be done by ordinary local governments. Therefore, the requestor first goes to the head or deputy head of each town council to discuss the matter, and if the municipality cannot make a decision on its own, it discusses it with its neighbors, and if that does not solve the problem, it discusses it on a larger scale. However, in Prout Village, the development of science is not the top priority. Maintaining the natural environment and the inner peace of the residents are the top priorities, so it is assumed that large experiments, fossil fuel experiments, and the construction of large-scale facilities without a social cause will be avoided. However, if a request is completely free of negative elements, it is the job of the local government to make it happen as much as possible.

(3)When resources that cannot be extracted from local plant resources, such as minerals or reserves, are needed, the decision is made based on how much of the resource will be left when everyone on the planet has access to the product. If 50% of the total reserves, which take a long time to form, will be lost, then the idea is likely to be rejected. If only about 0.01% of the resources can be extracted and reused over and over again, the proposal may be approved.

(4)When you are faced with a choice between doing something and not doing it, and there are good and bad aspects to both, you must first determine whether the decision is based on greed or fear, or whether it is a sincere decision. Then, make the sincere decision and make up your mind to endure to the limit. In that case, I would come up with a third support plan to minimize the negative impact on the sincere decision, and at the same time implement a plan that would unite everyone in the organization and increase organizational strength. This way, even if we fail, we will still have the integrity of knowing that we did the right thing, and we will actually be more powerful and successful in such situations. If you do it out of greed, it is not sincere and someone will be sacrificed because of it, and the people who do it may have a lifetime of regret.

◯Servers, cloud, artificial intelligence, 3D printers, and IoT in municipalities

Prout Village will actively use artificial intelligence and other technologies. The following are examples of the use of artificial intelligence in different fields. The following are examples of the use of artificial intelligence by field.


Servers, cloud, artificial intelligence, 3D printers, and home appliances will be connected to apps on residents' cell phones. Administrative matters such as climate, population, and harvests will also be managed by artificial intelligence. Management office (ICT, electricity, water).

◯Life products

One 3D printer per family. Fingerprint authentication and other login systems. If you log in with your fingerprint at any place, you can change the settings for yourself. Home appliances such as speakers, lights, rice cookers, etc. can be controlled from cell phone apps. Automatic car driving.


Checking the growth of crops and harvesting them.

◯Medical care

In medical checkups, artificial intelligence can detect diseases and tooth decay after CT scans and MRIs are taken of the body. The medical history is kept by a login system such as fingerprint authentication.


Automatic locking of the front door and window locks. Measuring the strength of earthen walls using sensors.