The distance from the edge of the town to the multipurpose facility in the center is 2km, but it takes 30 minutes to walk one way. In general, this distance is enough for a pleasant walk. However, if it takes 45 minutes to an hour to walk one way, even if you can walk on the way, the burden on the way back will be greater. For the revitalization of Prout Village, the distance between the town and the city should be within walking distance.

If it is within walking distance, it can be commuted by bicycle. For junior high school students, who are in their second stage of growth, commuting more than 3km by bicycle is too far. In a monetary society, parents are also hesitant to allow their children to ride bicycles over 4km away because of concerns about car accidents. In Prout Village, assuming that children commute to the multipurpose facility in the center of the city every day, we will try to place residences within a distance of 2 to 3 km where small children can ride bicycles. In other words, a diameter of 4km is a distance that both adults and children can easily walk or bike to, and is considered to be one of the guidelines for the town.

In addition to the Flower of Life, other designs are expected to be created through future research, but for now, this design will be the basic form.