It is relatively easy to create a harmonious product if you start with the core elements. The core element is the selling point or feature of the product, and is the element that has the greatest influence among the elements that make up the product.

For example, for a search site on the web, the quality of the search results itself is the selling point, so the search function becomes the core element. If you want to make a car that runs fast, the first element is the engine, and the second element is the shape. If you want to make a comfortable chair, the core elements are the shape and materials that come in contact with the skin. In the case of cooking, the first element is the taste, the second is the presentation, and the third is the container.

Completing the core element to a certain extent means that the majority of the product has been completed, so it is only a matter of matching the characteristics of the other elements to the core element. Also, the quality of the finished product will be known to some extent before completion, and the number of days until completion will become more concrete, making it easier to maintain concentration. In addition, if you are working in a group, it helps to maintain the motivation of the team.

For example, when you are doing a big cleaning, you can move the big furniture and then clean the corners. This means that most of the work has been done, and only the small parts remain to be cleaned. And since you can calculate the finishing time to some extent, it becomes easier to maintain your concentration.