Flood myths were found in the Australian rainbow serpent Yurlungur and the Fijian rainbow serpent Degei. Similar myths can be seen on each continent that help humans, flora and fauna on ships before the flood and then prosper.

"African Mbuti"
One day, a chameleon noticed the sound of water flowing through a tree. Chameleon, wondering what happened, cut off the trunk of the tree with his ax. Then, a large amount of water spouted from there, causing a great Flood. Eventually, a pair of men and women with bright skin appeared from this water, like the Mbuti people. They are the ancestors of mankind.

"Sumerian myth"
Immediately before destroying humans in the flood, Enki 
had Jiusdura (Noah) build a ship, and put animals and human species (= descendants) in it to help.

The Jade Emperor, who was angry with the "China"
human beings, caused a great flood and destroyed the human race. However, Fuxi and Nu Wa were saved by being taught by Shinsen, who had been kind to them before, and entered the bamboo basket.

In other words, a great flood was caused by Raiko, and Fuxi and Nu Wa's brothers and sisters evacuated into a giant gourd, and only two survived, which became the founder of humankind. Fuxi and Nu Wa were two snakes and were common symbols.

"American Hopi"
Sotsukunang ordered the spider woman to: "Cut a tall hollow plant and put people in it." The spider woman cuts the reeds and puts people, a small amount of water, food and fruski (corn flour) in it. Rice field. Then Sotsukunang appeared and caused a great flood. And the people in the reeds were saved.

Viracocha, the "Inca Empire"
god, was the creator of civilization and destroyed the people around Lake Titicaca in the Flood. At that time, he left Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo 
to help spread the civilization to the world.

"Colombia, Chibcha in South America"
Chibchakum or Chickchekum was the guardian deity of workers and merchants. The guardian deity was angry with the behavior of the people of the Bogotá Plateau and sent a great flood that covered the whole country. Those who were hit by the calamity begged for pity on Bochika, the chief of the gods. Bochika appeared in a rainbow near the town of Soacha and sent the sun to dry the water.

When the "Kanyari, Ecuador, South America"
flood broke out, a pair of brothers fled to the top of a very high mountain called Wakai Nyan. As the water level rose, so did the mountains, and the water could not catch At the end of the Flood, the food the brothers had collected at the top of the mountain was exhausted. Two parakeets took care of the brother. Eventually, his younger brother had six sons and a daughter with the parakeet.

Indigenous Araucanos living from south -central Chile to southern Argentina in South America"
There was a great flood decades ago. People escaped from the rising water level and evacuated to the high peak of Tenten. The animals were gathered on another mountaintop called Kai Kai. The flood was caused by an evil force named Gekfu. But as the floods raised the water level, the Supreme God Ginechen lifted the mountains as high as he could, in order to nullify his plans. Those who survived the Flood became the ancestors of the Araucano tribe.

In another myth, the Flood originated from a conflict between a snake named Tenten and a snake named Kaikai. As Tenten increased the flood, Kai Kai also lifted the mountains higher and higher, saving humans and animals from drowning and dying. two mountains, all humans evacuated to the mountains were subsequently transformed into animals, fish, birds, and so on.

Myths of the Huarochiri region of the Central Highlands of Peru in South America"
(Omitted) One of the creator gods, Pariacaca's specialty is wind, rain, and floods, and he tried to transform himself into a poor man through the village of Wagaiusa, but in addition to the young woman who brought a drink called Chicha. Not Angry Pariacaca first warned the young woman and her family, allowing them to escape the calamity, and then destroyed the village with rain and floods.

"Another myth of the Huarochiri region of Peru"
An indio connected a llama (American camel) to a place with good pasture. The sad Lama said to her husband. Five days from now, the water of the sea will cover everything on the surface of the earth and swallow everything.Led by Lama, Indio climbed to the top of a high mountain called Birkakoto, carrying five days' worth of food. Looking at the summit, there were so many animals and birds that there seemed to be little room to accommodate them all. The sea And this man who survived alone is the ancestor of all the people in the world today. "

of the Land of Ankasmarka, Peru " A month before the Flood, the Indio llama ( American camel ) looked very sad. The llamas were worried about the arrangement of stars.The line of stars told us that the world would soon be destroyed by water. When the shepherd heard this, he gathered his six sons and daughters for consultation. As a result, he carries as much food as he can and as much as he can .. And no matter how much the water level continued to rise and the earth was swallowed in the water, the mountains also rose high and high, so the flood could And with the six children of the shepherd who fled to the top of the mountain, the Kuyos region was once again crowded with people .  

In this way, there are no gods from all over the world, such as Rainbow Serpent, Viracocha, Manco Capac, Mama Ocllo, Enlil, Enki, Ziusudra ( Noah ) ,Sotsukunang , Fuxi and Nu Wa , and Raiko . You can see that it is a symbol that represents. There are many other similar flood myths around the world.