Aureola is the light emitted by gods and saints, and is also called Nimbus. For example, Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary see a round halo behind their heads. The cross in the halo is also one of the common symbols.

The halo can also be seen in the Annunciation angel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary.

Stained glass conception announcement

Aureola can also be seen in Indra, the god of thunder and weather, and Natalaja, also known as Shiva.

Curves and vortex patterns of the golden ratio can be seen in the statues of Yakushi Nyorai and Shakyamuni in Japan. Both statues have a large halo with a sharp upper part, and a small halo of a perfect circle is designed just behind the head.
Yakushi Nyorai statueShaka Sanson Statue

It was concluded that neither the Five Wisdom Kings of Buddhism nor Amida Nyorai were present, but they have a halo. Fudo Myoo in the center of the image on the left is a combination of a perfect circle and a halo of flames.

Sometimes the halo is a flame like Fudo Myo, and sometimes the halo is represented by a snake like Buddha, Vishnu, and Nagaraja.

The halo can also be seen in the Eye of Providence (the Almighty Eye of God), a symbol of Christianity, and in the Buddha. Providence means "everything is done by the consideration of God." In Japanese it is called "God's will". In other words, "everything is caused by the consideration of Emptiness (consciousness)."