By consciously observing something, you become indifferent, and thus become selfless, and if you continue to do so, you will maintain a calm state. Seeing everyday things in this innocent state is called the state of seeing with the inner eye, the eye of the mind, that is, the mind's eye. In other words, because he has no thoughts, he sees with the same pure eyes as a child without prejudice. Therefore, the essence can be determined. In addition, zones and flows are the continuation of a high concentration state in which the body moves freely and demonstrates high-quality performance, such as making things and playing sports. In such a state, you are in a state of talking with your own voice, and in a high concentration state, your consciousness is looking inside, and the next movement easily comes to your mind. Sometimes the surroundings seem to move in slow motion. In other words, the ratio of seeing 50% with both eyes and 50% with the mind's eye. The body does not move without thinking, but the body moves even without thinking, and the maximum ability is exhibited when there is no thinking. This is because I do it without going against my intuition. That intuition comes from consciousness (Emptiness).

It can be said that even the moment when you leave yourself to your intuition and demonstrate high performance like a zone, you are acting as a willlessness. Therefore, the maximum ability of human beings is demonstrated. Intuition comes from consciousness when you are innocent. On the other hand, if you work with anxiety, fear, and anxiety, the quality of your performance will deteriorate. Since these are thoughts, they are overwhelmingly slower than the body reacting instantly like intuition. Also, if the behavior is for reward, it is from greed, otherwise it is pure behavior.


Everyone is conscious (Emptiness), whether or not they are aware of it. Consciousness is eternal, but the body is only temporary clothing, and when it dies, it is taken off. In other words, consciousness is the root of life. If you do not know this, you will be obsessed with material things, bodies, and shapes. The following text explains the supreme existence that has been passed down from ancient times to Africa and South America. If you read that god by replacing it with the word consciousness, you can see that every tribe has worshiped the same thing since ancient times.

The Akan people in West Africa call God Nyame, which means "the supreme being," "the only brilliance," "the founder," and "the first driving force of all." The nyame is expressed as follows.
"No one can point to the children Nyame."
"The world is wide, but Nyame is the chief."
"All people are descendants of Nyame, and no one is a descendant of the earth."
"Hawk "Everything that Nyame does is good."
 "Human beings cannot break the order that Nyame has set."
"There is no way out of the fate that Nyame gives."

Tierra del Del at the southern tip of the South American continent . The Yagans who live in Fuego believe in the supreme existence of Watawineiwa (the oldest one). The Supreme God is a benevolent god, who has no tangible body but lives in the sky.

The Ona tribe, who also lives in Tierra del Fuego, believes in the supreme existence of Temaukel. Temaukel has no body, no wife, no children, and is always present, supporting the universe and social and moral norms. He is above the stars, invisible and merciful, and is the listener of prayers when individual humans pray in times of difficulty.

As we have seen, the beliefs of various places have worshiped consciousness as a god since ancient times, and the conclusion is that they have the same source.