The Ishibutai Tumulus in Asuka Village is a ruin around 700. The masonry of this megalith is the same as the dolmen.

The cut-out connection of the Iwayama Kofun in Asuka Village.

In the megalith on the side of the entrance to the Iwayama Kofun, the lower stone is carved to match the shape of the upper stone.

On the walls of the Kitora Tumulus and Takamatsuzuka Tumulus in Asuka Village, you can also see the stonework of the incision.

The four gods of Chinese mythology, Genbu, Seiryu, Suzaku, and Byakko, are depicted in these two stone chambers.

Genbu's turtle and snake were common symbols.

The dragon was also a common symbol.

Miyakozuka Tumulus in Asuka Village, Nara Prefecture is a step pyramid.