The next plan view of Solomon's Temple, published in 1905, also shows the ratio of the golden ratio.

In Solomon's Temple, there were pillars called Boaz and Yakin, and a pomegranate was placed on them. Pomegranate was also seen in Mesopotamia and was a symbol.

It is said that the Solomon's Temple also had two lion statues as seen in Japanese shrines, and the Old Testament describes them as follows.

(About the contents of Solomon's construction of his palace)

1 Kings
On the surface and end plate of the support, in each place a cherubim, a lion, and a date palm tree were carved, and a flower pattern was carved around them.

(Solomon) The king made a large ivory throne and covered it with pure gold.

There were six steps on the throne, with a calf's head on the back of the throne, armrests on either side of the seat, and two male lions standing beside the armrests ...