Voodoo is a black art that also worships the rainbow serpent that has been passed down in Australia's Aborigines as a god. It is worshiped in Benin, West Africa, Haiti, a Caribbean island nation, and New Orleans in the southern United States.

The supreme deity of Haitian Vodou is the fertile serpent god Danbara Wade, whose wife is the rainbow serpent goddess Aida Wed. These two gods are depicted by two snakes.

From the 1400s to about 400 years, the slave trade by Europeans brought about 15 million Africans to Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean Islands. At that time, their belief, Voodoo, was also brought in and developed independently in Haiti. Voodoo religion has also taken root in New Orleans, USA, becoming Macumba and Candomblé in Brazil and Santería in Cuba and Venezuela.

Voodoo is a curse ritual in which the devil grants his wishes in exchange for offerings such as carcasses, blood, and liquor.