The address of Prout Village should be set as follows. The northernmost circle with a diameter of 1333m is numbered 1, and from there, clockwise, numbers 2 to 6 are assigned to circles with a diameter of 1333m, and number 7 is assigned to the middle circle with a diameter of 1333m. In the same way, assign numbers 1 through 7 to the circle with a diameter of 444 meters, the circle with a diameter of 148 meters, and the circle with a diameter of 49 meters. The address will then be somewhere between PV11111 and PV77777. In the case of the Flower of Life Prout Village, PV11111 is directly north and PV77777 is the plaza in the center of the municipality. If you have a vertical Prout Village, use the same method to assign numbers from north to south, and if you have a horizontal Prout Village, assign numbers from east to west.

If the state or province is determined, the address will be "State, Province, Municipality, PV54123". The name of the province corresponds to the prefecture, and the name of the municipality corresponds to the city. There will be many town councils in the village, but the name of the town council will vary depending on its level. For example, "municipality name, PV6774, 5 town councils", "municipality name, PV32, 3 town councils", "municipality name, 1 town council", and so on.