In the manufacturing building and houses of Prout Village, residents use 3D printers to manufacture daily necessities from local resources free of charge.

A 3D printer is a machine that can form 3D images drawn on a computer screen or 3D data captured by a scanner into a three-dimensional form. The design rules for the 3D printer and the manufactured products will be as follows.

The design rules for 3D printers and manufactured products will be as follows: ・The first priority in designing living products will be to use raw materials that can be collected anywhere in the world.

The first priority in designing living products is to use raw materials that can be collected anywhere in the world, and bamboo, which is strong and stable, is the first choice of material.

The use of reusable materials and designs that can be made of a single material based on this premise.

While the primary focus of any electrical appliance should be on the automatic operation of artificial intelligence, it should also retain two aspects that allow for manual work by humans. In order to avoid over-dependence on artificial intelligence, as well as in case artificial intelligence becomes useless due to a disaster.

There should be no pollution of the natural environment.

Do not use materials such as leather derived from animals.

A design that allows 3D printers to be created from 3D printers. To avoid over-dependence on the natural environment.

There are two aspects to these lifestyle products produced by 3D printers: "performance" and "design. In terms of performance, all human ideas are combined to create a single, high-performance product. The initial design of the Prout Village should be simple, so that individuals can modify it to their liking later on.

In accordance with these rules, the workshop will also repair products and recycle waste home appliances back into raw materials.