"(1) Focus on the eyebrows"

If you have any thoughts or words in your head, that is your thoughts. Suffering is created from there.

Then close your eyes again for 20 seconds. This time, slowly inhale through your nose for as long as possible, then exhale through your nose as well, focusing on your glabellar. Then, since the consciousness is concentrated on one point, the thinking stops In other words, I consciously stopped thinking. The area from the eyebrows to the pineal gland on the back of the eyeball is where thoughts come to mind, where past events, future predictions, and anxieties suddenly come to mind Silence comes when you become unthinking. In other words, there is no selfish speech of thought, and there is no suffering at that moment. I always keep this conscious attention.If you continue, your brain will always be quiet, and you will become a habit so that you can immediately notice and sink your thoughts. Then, a deeper concentration is reached, and a calm heart continues. The degree to which one can maintain consciousness attention during the day indicates the degree of mental evolution. This can also be done with your eyes open.


These are consciously in a state of caution. The opposite is the unconscious state. Everyone has the experience of being emotionally rude to someone when they get angry or excited, but that happens because they are unconscious and uncareful. When I'm consciously looking at the inside like I did now, I'm in a state of caution, so I don't get overwhelmed by emotions. People who are not conscious of their thoughts are swayed by their thoughts, so they see the world through sudden inferiority complex, past anger, and stereotypes. It is important to know the nature of these thoughts, and the thoughts that occur suddenly are not the true self.

One way is to focus your attention on the eyebrows, and the subject can be anything. For example, staring at the flowing clouds, focusing on breathing, focusing on something. However, it is better to avoid things such as TV and videos where information is rubbed in.

"② Focus on consciousness"

And when you get used to concentrating on something, you become conscious of the consciousness itself. Consciousness has no shape, no scent, no sound. At the time of innocence, if there is no thought, only consciousness remains. The state of being in this consciousness is the true figure. That consciousness has been called as a god since ancient times and is Emptiness.