The Hopi infinite universe and Creator Taiowa are "Emptiness", which is expressed in various words in creation myths around the world. A god is born from this Emptiness, and it is a form in which the god creates heaven and earth and human beings. This also represents the big bang of the birth of the universe.

-In the Fula mythology distributed in Nigeria and West Africa, a huge drop of milk. At the beginning, there was Emptiness but a huge drop of milk. Then the Creator Dundari came and created the stone. Stone made iron, and iron made fire -In the Dogon tribe of the Republic of Mali in West Africa, there was not even a universe in the world of origin, -In

the Dogon tribe of the Republic of Mali in West Africa, there was not even a universe in the world of origin, Amma creates the universe from words, then creates the first life, the maggot, and the maggot lays the "world egg" of the primordial womb.

-A substance that was a pioneer in the Fon people of Dahomey in West Africa From here the god Mau Lisa created, formed, and ordered the universe. Mau is a woman and Lisa is a man. The power of the snake is embodied in Da, the son of the couple god Mau Lisa, and helps to order the universe. When the snake appears in the rainbow, "the man is the red part and the woman is the blue part." Da wound 3500 swords above the earth and the same number of swords below, and these swords helped Mau Lisa create.

・ In the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, chaos like a swamp. At first, it was the world's first damp, swamp-like chaos that was neither sea nor land. The supreme god, Orodumare, lives in the sky above it, commanding the great Orisanla god to create the world, and land and sea are created. In heaven, Orodumare began to create the first human beings.

・ According to another Yoruba folklore, it is rugged swamp The hunter Ogun descended on a spider's thread into a rugged swamp that originally existed before the land was formed .

The supreme spirit of the Pygmy tribe in Central Africa. "In the beginning there was a god. There is a god today. There will be a god tomorrow." The shapeless and eternal Comvum is in contact with humans through the mediation of animals (usually chameleons). After the creation of the world, he dropped the first humans (Pygmy) from the sky to the earth. After that, he offered a variety of animals and plants.

-Water in Kuba mythology in Central Africa. At the beginning of the world there was only water. There, the giant Creator Bumba vomited and spit out the sun, moon, and stars. These produced light, generated heat in the world, and dried the water.

-One of Australia's Aboriginal myths is the endless desert. At the beginning of the world, the rainbow serpent Eingana lay alone in an endless desert. Eingana got tired of it and created all the creatures that existed on earth.

-In another Aboriginal myth, a world with only the sea. Ungud, the rainbow serpent who is the root god, thinks that the mud on the seabed is gathered and born in a world where there is only the sea, and that he will give birth to life in order to lose the loneliness that only he has. So, first, the sea was agitated with a boomerang and foamed and the foam was used to create a huge earth, where innumerable eggs were laid and life was increased. ・ 

-Darkness in Tahiti. When there was Emptiness in the world and only darkness, there was only a large shell inhabited by Tanga Loa. Tangaloa slowly lifted the shell in which he lived high and high. It became a big heavenly hemisphere and became the sky. 

-Emptiness in the myth of the Mariana Islands in Micronesia. The oldest beings in the world were the giant Puntan and his sisters, who lived alone in the void. Before his death, Puntan made a will to his sister to build the world out of his own. Heaven and earth were made from his chest and shoulders, his eyes became the sun and the moon, and his hair made a rainbow. 

-In the Tuamotus Islands of Polynesia, there is a primordial moving sky space called Atea, an intangible existence . Jujutsushi Tough was first born of Atea and his wife Faahotu. 

On the island of Tahiti in Polynesia, the creator god Taaroa. Taaroa "grown up in loneliness. He had no father or mother and he was his own parents. The primitive state of Taaroa was beyond understanding. He was above and below, stones. Taaroa was the house of God. His spine became a purlin , and his ribs supported him Then the god broke the shell, was born, and stood on the shattered debris. Staring in the primordial darkness, he realized that he was the only one. ( Omitted ) With his own figure as a human figure, this god created all things in the universe today. In a different theory, Taaroa created the universe from parts of his body other than the head.

・ In the myth of Kumulipo in Hawaii, it is a long night without daytime. The earth mother goddess Daddy and the sky god Wakea were tightly hugging each other, so no light could shine from the outside. From the darkness of this poe, coral bugs, then barnacles and sea cucumbers, fish plants, reptiles, birds, dogs and pigs, and gods were born. The gods forcibly separated the hugging dad and Wakea, and the world was filled with light. After that, humans were also born.

-In Egyptian mythology, the primordial ocean or chaotic nun. Ra (Atum) was born from Chaos Nun.

-In Babylonian Genesis epic Enuma Eliš, her father, Tiamat, a mother who represents the chaos of the freshwater sea Abzu. At the beginning There was Abzu, and everything was born. Tiamat, the chaos, was also the mother who created everything.

· Chaos in Greek mythology. Until the heavens, the earth, and the sea were created, the world was the only one as far as It was a confused, shapeless mass, a terrifyingly heavy object, in which the seeds of the object were sleeping.God and nature finally broke their hands to separate the earth from the sea and the heavens from the earth and the sea to sort out the

turmoil He is the living god, the one in eternity.・ Mystical thought based on Judaism In Kabbalah, Ein (no, 0). Ain Sof ( infinity) was . born from Ein, and Ain Sof Oulu (infinite light) was born from Ain Sof.In the Gospel of John in the New Testament of Christianity, words. There was a word at the beginning. God.

This word was originally God. Everything was made up of words.

-Although there is no name corresponding to "Emptiness" in the Genesis of the Old Testament of Christianity, the god after that appears. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was intangible, empty, and the darkness was on the front of the abyss, and the spirit of God covered the front of the water. Then there was light. God separated the light from the darkness. God named the light day and the darkness night. It was evening and it was morning. First. It's a day. "

・ There is no name that corresponds to" Emptiness "in the Iraqi Kurdish Yazidi religion, but 
a god after that appears. "God created the Seven Archangels, his manifestations. He also created a universe from broken pearl-like spheres, and Melek Taus, the chief of the Seven Archangels, in the shape of a peacock. Send Tawusi) to the Earth. There was an immortal and perfect Adam made by God on the Earth. "

-In the Gnostic Valentinos school, the primordial father Propator. The only existing propator created various aeons. Also, Nous, an aeon, gave birth to Christ.

-In the Gnostic Sethians, the supreme god and androgynous invisible spirit. From there, the -In the Gnostic Ophites

Baruch, the three principles that existed without being born from anything at the beginning. The first principle was called "the good", the second principle was called "the father of all things" "or" Elohim ", and the third principle was called" Eden "or" Israel ".・ Infinite time (Zurvan) in

the Zoroastrian scripture Avesta. "Ahura Mazda (Spunta Manyu), who created and provided cows and heavenly rules, created and supplied water and good vegetation, and created all kinds of light and earth and all good things. We worship. " Within Avesta," Infinite Time "and" Ahura Mazda "appears in different places.

-In the late Zoroastrian Zurvan school, Zurvan (infinite time). Ahura Mazda and others were born from Zurvan.

-In Edda, a book that summarizes Norse mythology, a bottomless ocean and a foggy world. Clouds formed in the sky of the world of light to the south of the world of fog, from which the giant of frost called Ymir and his clan, and the cow Audumbla were born. The human-shaped god born of Audumbla made three brothers, Odin, Vili, and Vé.

-In Finnish mythology Kalewara, the primordial ocean. At the beginning of the world, Irmatal, the daughter of the atmosphere, was floating alone on the primordial ocean.

・ In Romanian mythology, one side of water. Before the world was created, there was only water on one side, and God and the devil on it. God decided to build land and commanded the devil to dive to the bottom of the sea and harvest the seeds of the earth in the name of God.

-It is called by several names in the ancient Indian scripture Bhagavad Gita. St. Bhagavad, Purusha, Brahman, Atman, Krishna, the First God, Me, etc. "I am The origin of everything. Everything develops from me. 
The seven ancient Daisen and the four Manu have the same qualities as me and originated from my will. The birth of the world was born from. "・ The first volume of the ancient Indian scripture Mahabharata is the universe. In the distant ancient universe, which was still closed to darkness with no brilliance or light, a great "egg", the inexhaustible seed of all creation, appeared. It was called . Mahadeva ( another name for the Great God, Lord Shiva ) and was born with the beginning of Yuga ( time ) . Among them was "Brahma". From this egg were born Pita Maha, Manu, Daksha and their seven sons, water, heaven , earth, air, sky, seasons, weeks, days and nights.・ Ancient Indian scriptures

Emptiness in the Chandogya-Upanishads. "In the beginning, this Emptiness existed. It was always there. It unfolded. An egg was born. It lay for a year. The egg broke (in two). One of the eggshells. Became silver , the other one was golden. This silvery thing is the earth, and the source of the golden color is the heavens .... Everything that exists in this world and all desires appear.

・ In the Buddhist Heart Sutra, it is empty . Color-immediate sky means "there is no substance (sky) when all things (colors) are essentially pursued."

・ In the 14th century royal history of Tibetan Buddhism, it is just an endless empty space. Winds are generated from Jippo and intersect . with each other to form a wind ring called a cross wind, and various things are created.

・ In South Asian and Ahom mythology, the water of the ocean. At the beginning, there was neither God nor humans. The water of the ocean surrounded the void. The heavens and the earth did not exist yet, and there was no air yet There was only the Almighty Bee, the "Great God," who floated like a flock of bees in his nest. He brought order to the universe and turned the earth into a place to live.

The Philippines, the sea and heaven. When the world began, there was no land, only the sea and heaven. There was a bird called Tobi between the sea and the heavens. Land breeze and sea breeze got married and had a child in the shape of bamboo.One day, while the bamboo was floating in the water, it hit the black kite at the beach. When an angry bird pecked his leg, a man suddenly appeared from one part and a woman from another. They had many children, from which all races were born.

・ Water in Mongolian creation myth. Before the Creation, everything was water, and neither heaven nor earth existed. At that time, Tenger Garinhan (Tengri Heilahan), the highest god among the gods, the creator of all beings, The father and mother of the human race, appeared, and first of all, a form similar to himself. Made a human being.

・ Water in another creation myth of Mongolia. At first there was only water, and the Buddhist god Rama brought an iron rod from heaven and began to stir.Then wind and fire broke out, and the center of the water became thicker, and the earth was born.

-The primordial ocean in Buryat-Mongolian mythology. Above the primordial ocean was the Creator Sombor Bulkan, who created the first land

. The Chinese mythology Sangorekki, it is in a chaotic state like the contents of an egg. Pangu was born in it, and the heavens and the earth began to divide. It is quiet and

shapeless stands alone, does not depend on anyone, and can be called the mother of this world.In another place, the road of Emptiness (Michi) produces one of existence, one produces two of heaven and earth, two produces three with the addition of yin and yang, and three produces all things. It was Taijodo-kun who deified the road .

・ In Chinese Yin-Yang thought, primordial chaos. From this chaos, the positive Qi becomes the heaven and the negative Qi becomes the earth. 
There is also a myth that the original woman "Tagen" includes yin and yang. 

・ Taiji in the ancient Chinese book "I Ching". Taiji is the source of all things, from which the duality of yin and yang arises. The author of I Ching was named Fuxi, and it was concluded that Fuxi was a common symbol because he had two snake bodies.

・ The ocean is a myth that is passed down to the Bai tribe in China. A giant primordial golden dragon sleeping at the bottom of the ocean was awakened by the turmoil, and its belly gave birth to its first ancestors .

・ Chaos in the story of Tenchikaibyaku, which is handed down on Jeju Island in South Korea. Once upon a time, there was no heaven or earth in the world, only chaos. At one point, a gap was created in the chaos, and the King of Heaven and Earth was born.

・ In Nihon Shoki, chaos like chicken eggs. At that time, a god, Kuni-no-Tokotachi no Mikoto, was born in the heavens and the earth.

・ In Japanese Kojiki, Takaamahara. "When the heavens and the earth first appeared ." , the name of the god who became Takamagahara was the god of Ame no Minakanushi, and then Takamimusubi. God, then God of Kamimusubi. " In other words, Takaamahara, which has existed since the appearance of heaven and earth and where God was born . , is "Emptiness".

・ When there is Emptiness in the tradition of the Ainu people in southern Hokkaido.A long time ago, when there was no country or land in this world, something like floating oil was created in the blue sea, which became empty, and the remaining muddy thing became an island (now Hokkaido). Rice field. Among them, the god Kamui was born as a result of the uneasy feelings.

The primordial sea of the Yakuts who live along the Lena River in Siberia. At first, the white Creator, Irin Ai Toyon, noticed a bag floating while moving over the primordial sea. He told the bag that he was an evil spirit and a resident of the ground hidden under the water. Then Irin Ai Toyoung said, "If there is really earth under the sea, hurry up and bring a piece to me." The evil spirit came out of the bag and jumped into the sea, returning with a glass of soil in his hand. The White Creator blessed it and placed it on the surface of the sea and sat on it. The evil spirits tried to stretch the land and drown Irin Ai Toyon, but the more it stretched, the stronger it became, and I was surprised to see that a whole continent finally existed.

・ In the indigenous Hopi tribe of North America, "Emptiness" is the creator Taiowa, Tokupera (infinite universe). Sotsukunang was born from Tokupera and created the universe.

-In the myths of the indigenous Chuhuft tribe of North America, water and darkness. At the beginning there was only water and darkness. The darkness rushed in and separated, and finally a man appeared from one of the places where the darkness gathered densely. The man sang as follows. "The world is there. This is how I make the world. Look, the world is here. The world is finished."

-In the creation myth of the Diegono tribe in southern California, the primordial salt sea. Two brothers emerged from the primordial sea of salt, first the earth, then the moon and the sun, and finally the man and the woman.

-In Canadian Haida folklore, the primordial sea. Ravens flew from the primordial sea, causing Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) to emerge.

-In the Mayan mythology Popol Vuh, just the calm sea and the endless sky. Only the Creator (Tzacol) and the Creator (Bitor), Tepeu and Gukmatz (Kukulkan), Arom and Quahorom were shining in the water. When Tepeu and Kukulkan shouted, the earth and mountains were created from the water, and then animals were created.

Darkness for Chibcha people who lived around Colombia in South America . At the beginning, the world was in the darkness, and the light was confined in the Creator of all things called Chimonigagwa. The creation of the world began with the light that was trapped inside the Creator shining outwards.

-In another Chibcha myth , before the creation of light, when the world was still in the dark, there were only two people, Iraka and his nephew Ramikiri. Tired of the fact that there are no other humans in the world, the two chiefs made a small statue of yellow clay, which became men. When Keck's stalk was cut into dolls, it became women.

-In Indio mythology in the Peruvian coast of South America, at the beginning of the world, a boneless man named Kon came from the north. He simply used his will and the power of words to lower the mountains, raise the valleys and facilitate his own path. He filled the land with his men and women and gave them plenty of fruits, bread and other necessities of life.