A "Narmer Palette", which indicates that King Narmer, the Pharaoh of the First Dynasty of Egypt, unified Upper and Lower Egypt, has been excavated at the temple of Horus in the city of Nekhen. lions on the right side of the next image are intertwined is similar to the staff of Hermes in which two snakes are intertwined.

An excavated item with a scorpion has been found next to the face of Scorpion II (c. 3150 BC to c. 3125 BC) of the former Pharaoh, who is considered to be the same person as this Narmer. The scorpion symbol was also found on the Gobeklitepe stone pillar.


The god Ptah, who was worshiped in the capital Memphis at the time of the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, also has a cross ankh and a jed pillar in his hand. Ankh and Djed pillars can be seen together with Uraeus, the serpent's chapter , so Ptah is also a god that symbolizes Emptiness.

The sacred cow Apis, worshiped in the city of Memphis, is an incarnation of Ptah. It was also called the Osiris bull.