It is said that Jesus Christ was born around this time. The Christian demon Baphomet has a goat's head. He looks like a male, but has androgynous characteristics such as a bulging chest. He is represented as a goddess with Emptiness, or as a god like Zeus and Mitra, with two sides, male and female.

Two snake canes Caduceus can be seen in Baphomet's abdomen. This was also drawn at the feet of Aeon.

The head of a goat is depicted in the hands of Sabagios.

The shape of both hands of Baphomet is the same as that of Sabagios.

Crescent moons are drawn on both sides of Baphomet. This was also found on the head of a person in the hands of Sabagios and above the eyes of Horus, an ancient Egyptian ornament. In other words, Baphomet is also a symbolic representation of Emptiness.

In addition, Lucifer is a fallen angel who has the meaning of a person who brings light in Christianity. It means the morning star, and is another name for Satan, the head of the fallen angel.

Quetzalcoatl in South America is also said to be the morning star. A golden ratio was also seen in his ears.

In Genesis of the Old Testament, Satan lied and deceived the first woman, Eve, to feed on the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which God said would die if eaten. Satan here is depicted as a snake wrapped around a tree. The same composition was seen as a snake wrapped around Aeon's body or a rod of Asclepius.


The Archangel Michael, sometimes referred to as Lucifer and his twin brothers, is one of the greatest angels in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Michael has a sword in his right hand and a scale in his left hand to measure the fairness of his soul. The scale is also a symbol seen by Sabagios.

The same thing can be seen in Jesus Christ. The painting of Christ in the Cathedral of Agia Sofia in the 1100s and the hands of the Virgin Mary and the little Christ in the mosaic of Christ in 1118 have the same shape as the hands of Baphomet and Sabagios.

The two letters of esoteric Buddhism, Aun, were the first and last letters of Sanskrit, representing the beginning and end, and EmptinessIn the Christian New Testament, John's Apocalypse says: "I (Jesus Christ) is Alpha and Omega. The first and the last. The beginning and the end. "

"I (Jesus) is David's basal shoot, his clan, the shining morning star." In other words, Christ states that it is the morning star. Lucifer and Quetzalcoatl were also dawning stars . What these mean is that Christ, Baphomet, Lucifer, Satan, and the Archangel Michael are symbols of Emptiness.

Even in Buddhism, the word "Morning Star" can be seen. Shaka was near dawn on December 8th, and when the morning star was shining, he finally became enlightened at the age of 35. Being in the consciousness that enlightenment is EmptinessIn the statue of Buddha protected by Naga at that time, a snake was wrapped around from below, looking into his face from above his head. The same design was found in Aeon.

Naga is a serpent god who is said to have protected Buddha when he gained enlightenment. Many of the eight Buddhist dragon kings were originally Nagaraja in Indian mythology. Nagaraja is a snake god in which two snakes are intertwined.

A common symbol can also be seen in the Buddha statue of Gandhara in eastern Afghanistan.

Zigzag pattern on the edge of the halo of the Buddha. It can also be seen in the Gobeklitepe stone pillars and in Chinese bronze mirrors with a golden ratio.


Rhombus patterns on the left and right of the Buddha's ankle. This was found in the Gobeklitepe stone pillars and the Persepolis murals.

The statue of Buddha in Gandhara shows the palm of his right hand. This pose can also be seen as a symbol along with Tanit. The crescent moon, the sun, and the zigzag pattern were also seen in Tanit, and it was concluded that it was a common symbol.

The palm symbol was also found in European cave paintings around 20,000 BC.

In other words, the pose that shows the palm is also a common symbol. The woman in the next center image also shows her right palm. Above that, from the left, there are the sun, lingam (male genitalia) and yoni (female genitalia), and the crescent moon. Lingam is a symbol of Shiva in the image on the right, and Shiva also has a snake, a crescent moon, and a three-pronged spear, showing her palm. The Great Buddha of Japan has the same pose, that is, all are represented by common symbols.

The Hindu Buddha is seen as an incarnation of Vishnu. Vishnu is depicted with the serpent god Nagaraja. Nagaraja is two snakes. Hindu mythology also states that Vishnu is sleeping on the primordial ocean with a huge body lying on a snake called Ananta. The conclusion that Vishnu is Emptiness because of its similarity to the creation myths of other countries where God is born from Emptiness.