Aboriginal wood carving container Kulamon is an oval dish used to carry fruits and water. The image on the far right summarizes the changes in the design of Coolamon, and the lower you go, the newer the era. A snake can be seen in the first Coolamon.

Aboriginal people have the tradition of three snake gods, Ungud, Eingana, and Yurlungur, and are called rainbow serpents. The content of each story is different.

"Ungud" The
root god Ungud, or Ungud, thinks that the mud on the seabed is born in a world where there is only the sea, and that he will give birth to life in order to lose the loneliness that only he has.SoThis is the creation myth in Aboriginal folklore.The reason why boomerang is alsoasymbol of Emptiness.

Similar stories can be found in Nihon Shoki and Kojiki. Izanagi and Izanami stand on Ame-no-Ukiha and stir the chaotic land with Amenonuhoko. At this time, what was dripping from the halberd was piled up and became the first island, Onogoro Island After that they got married and gave birth to Oyashima and the gods. Izanagi and Izanami are also symbols of Emptiness.

In Mongolian creation myths, there is a similar story of stirring. At first there was only water, and the Buddhist god Rama brought an iron rod from heaven and began to stir. Then wind and fire broke out, and the center of the water became thicker, and the earth was born.

The beginning of the world is an infinite desert, and Eingana gets tired of seeing this landscape and comes up with the idea of flooding the world with life. There, Eingana dived into the water to create everything, and finally gave birth to a human after a long labor pain. Eingana owns all life-threatening strings, and the species that Eingana gives up are destined to become extinct.

The rainbow serpent of southern Australia, Yurlungur. A weather god called "Father Snake," his voice is thunder, and the fountain where he lives shines in rainbow colors. He slept at the bottom of the fountain for a long time, but his descendants, human sisters, dropped menstrual blood into the fountain, woke up with the smell, and caused a flood with the momentum that arose. And he swallows his sister and his children too much. Later, a snake rally is held, where Yurlungur confesses that he has swallowed his descendants and promises to spit them out. Yurlungur then spit out his sister and her children, and the magical instrument didgeridoo possessed by Yurlungur rang alone, and Ali bit his sister and children and revived them. From this folklore, some Aboriginal tribes are to experience vomiting as an adult ritual.