Nikko Toshogu is the head office of Toshogu all over Japan. Here, too, you can see the masonry of the incision and the vortex pattern of the golden ratio.

Shodo Shonin, the founder of Mt. Nikko, is said to have been born in Tochigi Prefecture in 735. When Shodo Shonin opened Mt. Nikko, he was blocked from going to the rapids of the Daiya River, and when he asked the gods and Buddha for protection, Jinjadai appeared. King Fukasa fired two snakes, red and blue, and a mountain snake grew from his back, and the snakes were entwined on both banks of the Daiya River, forming a beautiful bridge like a rainbow. This bridge is Shinkyo, also known as Yamasuga's Jabashi.

In other words, Nikko also has two snakes, a rainbow, a masonry with a notch, and a vortex pattern with a golden ratio.