It was in 1959 that Mr. Sarkar proposed the Proutist economy, and times have changed since then. Prout Village is the modern version of this Proutocratic economy.

Next, we will look at the social structure of the Prout Village, from the family to the world federation, adding the human nature and science and technology that we have seen so far. There will always be a relationship in which the higher level organization transfers some of its rights and authority to the lower level organization.

5. Self-sufficient families

4. A municipality made up of a group of households (equivalent to a city, Prout Village)

3. A province made up of a group of municipalities (equivalent to a prefecture).

2. Province (equivalent to a country) made up of a group of provinces

1, World Federation, which consists of a group of states

In general notation, the World Federation may be represented as the highest level, but here it is the lowest level. The reason for this is found in a passage from a book called Laozi, written in the Spring and Autumn period of ancient China.

"Chapter 66: The great rivers and oceans can be the kings of hundreds of rivers because they are low enough.

Humbling oneself, this is the basic attitude of the World Federation and each chief.

Then, four organizations, General Affairs, Medical and Food, Manufacturing, and Design, are commonly established in the municipalities (Prout Village), provinces, states, and the World Federation, and they perform activities as their names suggest according to their scale.

[Local government]
General affairs (administrative matters related to local government management)
Medical and food (medical, food, and agricultural matters)
Manufacturing (general manufacturing of daily commodities)
Designing (surveying resources, designing infrastructures, designing local government such as location of houses and farmlands)

[World Federation]

Local government (Prout Village)

Self-sufficient households gather together to form a municipality, Prout Village. Many of the municipalities in Prout Village have a population of 60,000. A central facility like a school, where residents interact and work together, will be built in the center of the municipality as a multipurpose facility. The multipurpose facility will also be a dome house, consisting of three facilities: an administration building, a manufacturing building, and an art building, with an underground parking lot and an underground tunnel for fully automated vehicles. If there are historical buildings, shrines or temples around the municipality, the nearest municipality will manage them.