The Indian god Shiva, a symbol of Emptiness, is sometimes depicted with a third eye in the eyebrows, which burns desires into ashes. Burning desire means becoming unselfish, but being unselfish is related to inner eyes, mind's eye, intuition, zone, Brahman , Shinga, and reincarnation., Liberation, enlightenment, etc.

Reincarnation means that the soul that died and returned to the world is reborn in this world many times. This is seen in Buddhist and Indian philosophy, and in the Greek philosophy book Phaedo, Plato's teacher Socrates talks about death and rebirth as follows.

"Then By the way, in this situation , it is the dead. We just thought that it would be a sufficient proof that the soul always exists somewhere and should be born again. "

The indigenous Yanomami and Dogon people in West Africa, who live in the jungles of South America , also had the concept that the dead would return to the posthumous world and heaven as spirits.

The Alakarfu tribe, who live in Tierra del Fuego, on the southern tip of South America, believe that the Supreme Being Solas puts a soul into each newborn, and when a human dies, that soul is reabsorbed by Solas.

In the New Testament of Christianity, there is no expression of reincarnation, but there is an explanation in a letter to the Corinthians that a dead human being will be resurrected as a spirit in the kingdom of God.

"The resurrection of the dead is the same. (Omitted) In other words, the body of natural life is sown and the spiritual body is resurrected. Because there is a natural body of life, the spiritual body "There is also."

"Meat and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, and what decays cannot inherit what does not decay. I tell you mystery. We Not all fall asleep. We are all transformed into a different state. With the last trumpet ringing, in an instant. When the trumpet rings, the dead are resurrected. Being immortal, we can be changed. This perishable thing will wear the immortal, and this mortal thing will wear the non-destructive. "

Although not a reincarnation, the Ashanti people in West Africa also have a concept of spirits. Here we believe that every individual receives Sunsum (ego) and Kula (power of life). And humans say that he will pass on his own spirit, Ntro, to his children. In other words, the Ashanti people already had the concept of ego and spirit from ancient times.

Returning to the story, getting out of reincarnation and becoming free is called liberation in India and Buddhism. This is released from the bondage of worldly desires, reaches the state of freedom, and is also expressed as enlightenment. Kleshas, that is, Liberation is the highest goal in Indian philosophy and is the purpose of life that human beings should fulfill The only way to get out of this repetition of reincarnation is to destroy the ego.

There is a relationship between the position of the third eye that burns Shiva's desires and liberation. The ego causes thoughts and desires. When making the brain unthinking, there is no ego there. Everyone experiences momentary moments every day, but being consciously in that state is a way to destroy the ego. Next is how to do it.