It is the person of character that needs to be selected in the nomination election. Therefore, "sincere person" is the standard for selection. A person of integrity has the following characteristics. A person with integrity has the following characteristics: good self-control, self-discipline, seriousness, a sense of humor, the ability to work steadily on the goals he or she has set for himself or herself, the ability to finish a job, consistency in speech and action, and thus is trusted by those around him or her, a low sense of inferiority, few ups and downs in emotions, good mood at all times, calm, and a pleasant impression. They give the impression of being calm, pleasant, refreshing, and outgoing, of not being influenced by others, of treating superiors and inferiors with the same attitude, of not being flirtatious, of being comfortable in conversations with anyone, of being cheerful, of being a team player, of being attentive to others, of helping others make mistakes, and of respecting civility.

In Prout Village, we need to increase the number of people who are polite and moderate. This will maintain good relationships in the municipality. Even though we know the importance of civility, it is hard for people to translate it into action. Choosing a person of integrity also means choosing a person of civility as the head and deputy head of each town council. The influence of the head of an organization is great, and when an honest head sets a good example, it creates a chain of good behavior among the people who come in contact with the head, which naturally leads to the education of humanity for the residents. On the other hand, if a person with a condescending attitude is chosen as the head of the organization, the people who come into contact with that attitude will tend to have the same attitude toward others, creating an organization with a bad atmosphere. This tendency can also be seen in companies in a monetary society.

It only takes 30 seconds to identify a sincere person. Humans can judge others intuitively, and our first impressions at a first meeting are often surprisingly correct. When you see a sincere person, if you naturally feel that he or she is sincere from the way he or she speaks, behaves, and the atmosphere, you are probably right. If you don't get the feeling that the person is a bad person, but you don't get the feeling that he or she is sincere, then there is a possibility that the person lacks sincerity. Integrity is also a quality of character, so it naturally comes out in the atmosphere. Even if you have a bad impression of a person at first, but later get to know him/her better, the first impression is often the root of the person. There are still a few people who give you a sense of sincerity, so for now, most people fall into the category of "not a bad person, but not sincere.

For example, if a man walks in front of you with his legs cramped, a cigarette in his right hand, and the wind whipping at his shoulders, do you feel that he is sincere?

For example, would you feel sincerity from a man who is domineering to his inferiors and subservient to his superiors?

In local government nomination elections, the chief is chosen based on "sincerity," which everyone can easily discern. A peaceful and stable society is created from within a person. It is possible only for a person who is quiet inside. A person who is driven by greed will lead to unequal decisions, injustice, factional strife, and bullying.

If there is more than one sincere person, give priority to the one who can anticipate and drive. People who get results, whether individually or in an organization, are able to anticipate. They know what they need to do now because they can predict what will happen next. Once they can anticipate, all they have to do is execute and drive. To determine if a person has the ability to anticipate and drive, look at what he or she has already accomplished or has had success with. For example, they may have already achieved a professional level of personal skill, or they may have been a leader in an organization that has produced results.

If you find someone who is good at his or her job and has the ability to do a good job, but you don't feel that he or she has integrity, don't recommend him or her because you assume that he or she will be a good leader later on. One example of this is when a person is unable to empathize with the feelings of those who are not good at their jobs, disrespects them, attacks them unilaterally, and becomes the root of a bad atmosphere in the organization. It takes time to improve one's personality, and it rarely improves rapidly in one's lifetime. Without the basic premise of having integrity first, a peaceful organization cannot be created.

Returning to the topic at hand, if there are several people with integrity, foresight and drive, choose one of them who has experience in going through setbacks and shurassas. A shuraba is a tightrope walk where failure can lead to death or collapse, and overcoming it will enlarge one's capacity as a person. When you overcome it, your capacity as a person grows, which manifests as calmness, patience, judgment, and kindness. A crisis is not the worst thing that can happen to you, but it is a great opportunity to grow as a leader, and it is your luck that the opportunity comes to you. Therefore, it is advisable to be grateful for such opportunities and tackle them in a positive manner.

Based on these experiences, it would be even better if the person were to engage in long-term contemplation. Through contemplation, he or she will be able to organize his or her thoughts, success philosophy, human resource development methods, etc., and explain them to others in an easy-to-understand manner.

Since there is no money involved in Prout Village, the motivation of each leader is the desire to contribute to others and society that arises within him or her. In other words, only those who are able to give first are in a position to continue, and this naturally earns the respect of those around them. The ideal leader in Prout Village should fulfill the following elements.


・The ability to anticipate and drive.

・Experience of success

・Setbacks and hardships