Since the residents do not fall into poverty and live a materially secure life, the possibility of crime is almost eliminated. However, if a security problem occurs in the neighborhood, the five town councils of the six houses will discuss it first. If necessary, all five neighborhood councils will try to solve the problem through dialogue with the perpetrator. If this does not solve the problem, the problem should be brought to the fourth town council for discussion. In this way, residents can discuss and work together to solve the problem.

In the case of a crime, the five town councils will also start the discussion, and if the problem is not solved, the lower town council will be consulted. The final decision on what to do with the perpetrator of the problem is made by the victim. The following two points are important for everyone to know in this discussion.

Be willing to forgive the other party at any time. Retaliation will create a negative chain of events that will eventually cause you to suffer as well. A forgiving heart will create a peaceful situation around you, and there is a possibility that the perpetrator will change his mind.

Suffering is not an enemy, but an opportunity to bring awareness to oneself. When people are ignorant or have negative emotions or immature mentality in their mind, some problems will arise and they will get involved.