The indigenous Hopi tribe of North America also saw the symbol of two snakes. The Hopi myth tells us about the creation of the universe as follows.

(First World Tokupera) The
first world is called Tokupera (Infinite Universe), and initially there was only the Creator Taiowa. The rest is an infinite universe. There was no beginning or end, no time, no space, no shape, no life There was only a world of Emptiness. This infinite person then created a finite, created Sotsukunang, and said:

"I made you the first power and vessel as a person to carry out the plan to create life in the infinite universe. That is , my grandfather, you are my nephew. Now, in harmony with each other as planned. Arrange the universe in order to work. "

Sotsukunang proceeded with the plan according to the instructions of the infinite, and collected what appeared as an individual from the infinite universe. And made seven universes.

After that, Sotsukunang asked Taiowa, "Is this in line with your plan?" And "it's good, "Taiowa replied, adding:

" I want you to create water in the same way. Put water in these universes and divide them equally. "

Sotsukunang collected what appeared as water from infinite space and placed it in each universe so that each became He told Taiowa. "

Is my job right for you?"

Then Taiowa replied as follows.

"It's good. Next, ask for the wind as well."

Sotsukunang collected the wind from the infinite universe and placed it so that it would move gently around each universe. Taiowa was pleased with this and said,

"Hey, nephew, he did a good job according to my plan. You created the universe, created individuals, water, and wind and placed them correctly, but they are not yet complete. Create life and complete the four parts of my space program, the nephew. "