In West African Fula mythology, at the beginning there was only a huge drop of milk, then the Creator Dundari came and created the stone. Stone made iron, and iron made fire. It is said that fire made water and water made air. Kukulkan (Gukumats) of the Maya civilization controls the four elements: fire, water, earth, and air (wind). According to the Western four major element theory, the material of this world is composed of four elements: fire, air (wind) , water, and soil. The sacred Mt. Meru, which appears in ancient India and Tibetan Buddhism, is said to be a huge mountain that rises on a disk made of the earth, water, fire, and wind of the four major elements that make up matter.In China, the idea of Yin-Yang is born from Taiji (= Emptiness), and the five elements are born from Yin-Yang, and the idea that all things consist of five kinds of elements: wood, fire, earth, gold, and water.

These can be summarized as follows. The conclusion that these expressions are similar is because they come from the same source.

Fire / Water / Air / Iron / Stone (West Africa)
Fire / Water / Air (Wind) / Earth (Maya Civilization)
Fire / Water / Air (Wind) / Soil (Western)
Fire / Water / Wind / Earth (Tibetan Buddhism)
Tue / Wed / Thu / Sat / Fri (Chinese Five Elements)