Earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunami floods occur in every country in the world, including Japan. In other words, people need to build houses not only to live in, but also to protect themselves from disasters. For this reason, the basic shape of a house should be a hemispherical dome. Hemispheres are resistant to shaking and pressure from any angle. The majority of this roof will be solar powered.

The first choice of building material for the dome house is bamboo. Bamboo can grow in valleys, mountains, and uncultivated land as long as there is rainwater, running water, and sunlight. It can be used as a building material in as little as three years. In other words, it is a material that will not disappear forever if it is grown systematically. Depending on the species, bamboo can grow up to 18 meters long. A single bamboo pole can withstand a weight of four tons, yet it is very light. When borax, a natural salt, is used, the bamboo becomes resistant to termites. A bridge of more than 20 meters can also be made from bamboo. Bamboo can also be used to make interiors, stairs, doors, desks, beds, and other furniture.

In addition, the house must be insulated to make the rooms airtight and air-conditioned. To do this, we need to make earthen walls out of komai, which is made of bamboo arranged horizontally and vertically, and earth, which is found in traditional Japanese houses. Soil is also abundant in the world and is a material that will never disappear.

If Prout Village becomes a self-sufficient society, social status inequality will disappear and the size of houses will no longer depend on the amount of income. If Prout Village has a diameter of 4km, the dome house would have a diameter of about 12m, which would open up a distance of 4m from the neighboring house and prevent it from catching fire in the event of a fire.

Another characteristic that can be seen in rural areas in Japan where people live by growing crops is that neighbors go in and out of their neighbor's house as if it were their own and communicate with them. Since the number of neighbors coming and going naturally increases in Prout Village, the design of the entrance and the location of the bathrooms should be designed with this in mind. For this reason, the bathrooms, changing rooms, washing machines, and places to dry clothes should be placed in places that are not easily seen by visitors or passersby.

What we have seen so far is the basic form of dwelling, and the number of applications from here will increase as the number of ethnic groups increases.