[Locan government]

・If many people think it is a bad habit, it is a problem for the whole municipality to discuss and make a rule to ban it in order to solve it as a problem.

・Create and publish municipal information on the web. (population, yield of harvests, list of specialized skills, etc.)

・Management of personal information of local government residents (date of birth, blood type, place of birth, family structure, childbirth, relocation, medical history). This personal information will be shared with the medical and food department, which will update the medical history.

・Management of housing and resident information, and assignment and support of housing to new residents.

・Management of technician personnel.

・Management of traditional and cultural assets.

・Library management.

・Management of satellites and other space-related matters

・Management of airfields

・Management of ports.


Resolution of various problems in the state.

Management of satellites and other space-related matters.

[World Federation]

Legislative, judicial, and administrative affairs.