There are countless dragons in Chinese mythology. The dragon was also found in the creation myth of the Bai tribe in China, and it was concluded that it was a common symbol. The dragon of the Yellow Emperor, the emperor, is called Yinglong. Yinglong has the ability to store water and make it rain.

According to the description of the Chinese short novel collection, "Mamushi grown in muddy water became a mizuchi (mizuchi" rain dragon ") in 500 years, and the mizuchi became a thousand years. The dragon became a dragon (seiryu), the dragon became a dragon in 500 years, the dragon became a dragon in a thousand years, and the old dragon became a yellow dragon. Is called. " In other words, Yellow Dragon and Yinglong are the same.

The yellow dragon was regarded as a dragon that symbolized the authority of the emperor, but was later replaced or equated with Kirin. Two Kirin are placed in front of the Charining Gate of the Forbidden City. The fact that two Kirin, which are identified with the Yellow Dragon, are lined up in front of the Jining Gate means that there are two common symbols. Speaking of Japanese shrines, it is the same as the two lion statues, the guardian dogs.