As for toothpaste, most of the ingredients in commercial toothpaste are chemical substances that cannot be completely broken down. Instead, use an electric toothbrush with sonic water flow and dental floss. Electric toothbrushes scrub far more often than regular toothbrushes, so they can brush more cleanly than manual brushing. However, it still only brushes about 50% of the teeth and cannot remove food debris and stains between the teeth. This is where you need to brush with a fine thread of dental floss. If you don't do at least these two things after every meal, many people will get cavities. In other words, if you use an electric toothbrush and dental floss, you will not need toothpaste and your teeth will still be white.

In this way, since we do not use any chemicals, we do not pollute the soil when we return wastewater to the farmland.

To dispose of toilet waste, we will use bio-toilets instead of flush toilets. The toilet tank of the bio-toilet is filled with sawdust and other materials, and the excrement is agitated with the sawdust to decompose and compost. The end result is soilized sawdust and compost that can be reused. The bio-toilet does not use water, does not smell, does not require pumping, and can recycle excrement and dispose of food waste. The sawdust inside the toilet needs to be replaced every three to six months. This bio-toilet "adopts a system of separating large stool and small stool. This is because if there is too much water, fermentation will not proceed and urine will smell. The urine is also allowed to percolate into the ground using a natural osmosis drainage method.

This bio-toilet uses a hot-water washing toilet seat (washlet), and after washing, the toilet is dried with warm air instead of toilet paper. By eliminating the use of toilet paper through warm air drying, we can eliminate the enormous amount of waste and paper resources generated around the world. However, when the bio-toilet is flushed with hot water, the water inside the sawdust increases and fermentation does not proceed, so a hot-water toilet seat is installed next to the toilet.

Also, disposable diapers for infants are a waste of resources, so cloth diapers will be used. The use of chemical fiber diapers can cause itching, so natural materials will be used. Cloth underwear is also used by the elderly for light incontinence. Therefore, they need a place where they can easily rinse their underwear and body with excrement. Since infants and the elderly come in and out of every home, every home should be equipped with a washing area and a small washing machine for cloth underwear. The drainage will also be a natural osmosis drainage method.

The first thing to understand about garbage disposal is that in a self-sufficient society like Prout Village, there are no supermarkets or convenience stores, and there is no garbage in the form of plastic bags, plastic bottles, cans, bottles, and other containers and packaging. In other words, the only thing that remains is food waste. The principle is the same as that of a bio-toilet, where the waste is mixed with sawdust and decomposed by microorganisms. In this way, the waste is only returned to the land as nutrients.

In this way, household wastewater, excrement, and food scraps are all returned to the farmland as a rule. Unnecessary household items are burned into charcoal or ashes and buried in the ground. By returning wastewater to the land through self-treatment, rather than abandoning it to the sea or rivers as in a monetary society, we can promote soil fertility, keep the oceans and rivers clear and drinkable forever, and return the organisms in the water to their original state of abundance.